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This story takes place in the world of Auldrant. There is a young boy whom is highly nobile and has never once in his life left his mansion. His name is Luke Fon Fabre.

The world is composed of fonons (a material energy found in all things). Luke has been hearing a odd voice in his head that sounds identical to him and it causes him to black out often. During his training in the courtyard, a mysterious woman who is a seventh fonist attempts to assassinate his master. Luke then precedes to attack her however he is teleported due to a hyper-ressonance (an occurrence when 2 or more 7th fonist collide with one another). He is then left alone in a different country away from his home and everything he knows. He is called the sacred flame and becomes engulfed in a story that will change the very world and his very life.


The gameplay is one of the best I have played. It's identical if not the same as all the other games involving tales. Somewhat a side scroller, however in this game there is a motion called "free run" that allows you to move freely around the battle field - something that was first done in Star Ocean II.

Many combos can be linked with your teammates. For example, if you do a "rising fang" which in this case knocks your opponent in the air and your magic ally casts a spell on the same opponent, it will become a combo attack.

I have yet to see the limit of them because I have done up to 4 attacks at any one time (only 4 team members allowed on screen). This gameplay is overall amazing and i think its highly strategic in a way but you will have to see for yourself.


For all you anime fans, many of the events and important cut sense take place in a anime scene. This I think makes the game even better.

Skits: there are a few anime skits along the story - some of which have nothing to do with the story at all but are very fun and amusing to watch so check the game out.

I recommend this game to all RPG fans. The official website can be found at
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Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Very Good
Approx. Retail Price Less than $50
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Role-Playing, Adventure


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