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In your village, your father was known as a hunter, a man who fought against the robots and monsters of the outside world.

You're his successor.

Now it is you against an entire post-apocalyptic world.

That's it. Really. I'm serious.


Metal Saga just goes to show that you cannot grow a classic in a test-tube. There is a brilliant message about divine creation somewhere, but I can't find it.

Metal Saga tries, tries, TRIES to be a classic RPG, from dated graphics that seem really grainy, to a painfully tiring combat system, to a lack of voice-acting, to a drab story, Metal Saga just fails.

In an age where the console RPG is quickly being forgotten, Metal Saga only serves to reinforce an age of mediocrity. What MS has going for it is the "unique" vehicle system. You find and acquire several different tanks over the course of the game, most of which, history buffs, are WWII era German tanks. You can customize all of these tanks with all manner of different weapons and decals.

Unfortunately, that is about the coolest thing about the game, and it is hardly even worth playing to get to your first vehicle, which turns out to be a Dune Buggy.

Maybe Iím being a little critical, but turn based combat shouldn't take forever. It should be fast, especially if every couple of steps you are running into a new enemy. Also, the game sports a pretty steep learning curve, and unless you hunt down the items and garbage all over your first town to buy useful armor and weapons, then you are going to get royally screwed when you go out into your first dungeon.

Sights and Sounds

I already touched on this a bit, but it is worth mentioning in its place.

I am an old school RPG fan, and while I don't feel like validating my credentials here, know that graphics are not a disqualifying factor in my mind. However, in this day and age, poor graphics are just disheartening, especially when a game lacks just about everything else.

The lack of voice acting, or even tonal beeps and squeeks for a character's voice during dialogue, was also off-putting. Perhaps I'm spoiled, but I expect SOME voice acting somewhere. I mean, even if it is just in an animated opening video, I hope for something. Instead, all that is there, is a mediocre soundtrack.

Final Thoughts

I wanted to like this game. I did, trust me. I want to like everything I buy, because I already bought it, but this game just seems like it was pushed through production too soon. It lacks plot and direction, but that would be alright if there was really something to do. The combat system is complicated, and that would be okay if it were fun, but it really isn't.

I'm not going to say to avoid this game at all costs, but I will go as far as to say that you should wait until you can pick this game up for 9.99 at your local Gamestop.

Final Verdict: 5/10 (with a resounding, "meh...")

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Keywords: post-apocalyptic world, radioactive contamination, machines, mechanic, warrior
Sound & Graphics Poor
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Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) RPG


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