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Gritty, brutal, and absolutely awesome!


Aliens called "The Locust" have been attacking humanity from underground. Marcus Fenix, a former soldier, rotting in some prison, is brought back into duty to save humanity, but more importantly, himself.

Audio / Visuals

You can buy a 360 and not own an HDTV. You can even enjoy games with a 360 and without an HDTV, but you cannot truly appreciate Gears of War without an HDTV. Period. End of Story. Gears of War sets the standard for delightfully gritty games.

While the armor, weapons and faces of the characters are perhaps baroquely defaced, it is all rendered in such beautiful detail, that it's hard to keep from losing your head just to the marvelous detail.


I must admit, for a console shooter, Gears of War offers largely the same dual-analog fair that most other shooters do, but it adds something that the Ghost Recon games try, but do not execute as cleanly: tactical movements.

Largely centered around the "A" button, you can sprint, hit cover, blindfire, tactically fire or jump from cover to cover. It is miraculously intuitive and does not require feats of incredibly manual dexterity to perform, especially since you need to use those abilities to survive.

It is so intuitive, in fact, that I think WHEN Metal Gear Solid 4 is released for the 360, that it would use a very similar control scheme to master several of the same techniques.


The game features quite a bit of replay value, giving you several options as to which way you are going to tackle certain situations, in addition to giving the ability for co-op play.

The game is mercilessly, and might I say, gleefully gory. From exploding bodies, to chainsaw bayonet kills that splatter blood on the TV screen, Gears of War drowns you in an entirely new war: free from pretension or very poorly veiled allegory (I'm looking at you, Ghost Recon).

Final Verdict: 9.6/10

Official website at www.gearsofwar.com.
Keywords: Delta Squad, soldiers, delta squad, Locust Horde, subterranean enemy
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Excellent
Approx. Retail Price $59.99
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Third-person shooter


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  1. 26/4/2007 12:46pm
    1. fled79

      Join Date:
      June 2005
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: Fast paced and adrenalin filled
      Cons: Bit choppy at times and too short!
      I bought this game when it first came out and was surprised by the detail in-game. The movements were a pleasant surprise (being able to use cover and jump over objects and still firing) The camera angles were also pretty good.

      I thought they could have put a few more weapons and ammo in the game but the weapons they provided will do the job nonetheless. The levels are beautifully detailed and very competitive.

      The AI was very realistic and definitely could preform a "head shot" on you if you don't pay attention. A few of the levels could have used a bit more description on how to complete them, but this gave the player time to learn the game aspects a bit more while trying to figure it out. The close combat aspect of the player and AI was done nicely as well, the chainsaw gun made for some very realistic bloody carnage.

      You have to play on easy or medium to unlock hard, but the game is so fun that the replay value would make it worth trying. The last level doesn't feel like the last, and before you know it the game is over. Now it has plenty of hard pulse pounding levels and they will definitely try your patience and skill but don't be surprised when the credits start rolling. I thought the multiplayer could have been a bit better, it starts you and your opponent a bit close and doesn't give ou much time to react.

      All and all I think this game would be a good buy for anyone who wants lots of blood and carnage and a challenging game that they can play over and over with friends or alone.


      Brothers in Arms
  1. 26/9/2007 9:20pm
    1. nightboyz

      Join Date:
      September 2006
      Where sence means nothing...
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 8
      Pros: a good replacment for halo
      Cons: not as good as halo
      [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]I see this game still going on for a second and the take over for halo as the game that saves xbox but thats it.[/COLOR]


      Kamen Rider....DECADE!!!
  1. 7/2/2008 7:21pm
    1. Mofro

      Join Date:
      December 2007
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: Best over the shoulder shotter their is
      Cons: not as many option to halo
      best game i ever played although it could be a bit more like halo
      it would be kinda cool if they had vehicles to use more often

  1. 15/3/2008 2:10am
    1. Zerosan9000

      Join Date:
      February 2008
      an ocean of stars
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 10
      Pros: great story
      Cons: too short
      this game is beautiful and bloody and Cole is kinda funny



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