Activision Soldier of Fortune: Payback

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I don't know what they're paying back, but I think they owe me something too.

No, that's not fair. SoF:P is a good game, it is, but we need to cover some things:


You are Thomas Mason, mercenary soldier who is assigned to protect a Chinese official who is being hunted due to his knowledge of the illegal slave labor trade in China. After the mission goes horribly awry, Mason is on a hunt for vengeance.

Audio and Graphics

I must say, the game has some pretty impressive graphics - for last year. Yes, the standard is still high, but some of the models just bother me. Almost every surface, slick or not, shines. There isn't a really gritty feeling, like you would expect from a game that is set in the worst parts of the world. It sort of feels like Perfect Dark: Zero all over again. Also, it tends to be a little too ambitious, I think, as plant "pop-up" is something that is pretty common, annoying, and just generally distracting.

The sound does get some recognition from me. The sound of the weapons are pretty accurate, but that is not really a new thing.

The game's selling point, as it has been for the past installments, is the amount of gore. You can blow legs, arms, torsos all off. The bothersome part about it is that they'll take off limbs for injuries that really wouldn't. It feels like they made it so easy to blow off limbs for the fifteen year old boy population, who might not complain at more technical assets.

The voice acting is fairly good, considering that the script could use some work. The actors don't seem to be phased by the hackneyed writing.


SoF:P is your standard FPS fare. The only annoying thing is that the Left Shoulder Button switches to underslung grenade launcher as alternate fire - even when the weapon you're using doesn't have a grenade launcher. It ends up just ruining things when you mean to throw a grenade and you end up doing nothing because your weapon is canted towards the sky.

Final Thoughts

The worst part about the game is that it happened to be released a week after Call of Duty 4, which by all counts, except notably for voice acting, is a far superior game.

It's a decent game in its own regard, and in some cases, more realistical than CoD4, but on the other hand, the one man army feel is getting old.

Also, the checkpoint system is ridiculous. The load times (see: ambition), are decently long, or at least too long if you're dying every fifteen seconds. Also, the checkpoints save the exact point you were at when you hit it, which means, in some cases, you will come up from a checkpoint and there will be a bad guy right in front of you. Since all of the AI seems to be programmed for "GET IN CLOSE AND BASH THE BRAINS OUT OF YOU", you are pretty much guaranteed to die at least once more while you adjust to this, and while they bash your brains out, like good AI.

Also, what ever happened to life bars?

Final Verdict: 7/10

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Keywords: soldier, fighting, army, limbs, killing
Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Very Good
Approx. Retail Price $59.99
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) First-person shooter


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