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Fable takes place in Albion, 500 years after the first game. The Hero's Guild is no more, done away with centuries ago when the fabled hero's became complacent and useless. The old ways of Strength, Skill and Will are all but a memory.

You start the game as a penniless street-urchin, who, with your sister, buy a music box from the "Old Kingdom" era that has the magical power to grant its users one wish, which is to live in a grand Castle, like the one they can see over looking the now vast city of Bowerstone. But when they use it, it disappears. Disappointed you and your sister go to sleep in the cold winter night, only to be awakened by the Castle guards, having been summoned to the Castle to speak with Lucien Fairfax.

Lucien is researching old kingdom artifacts and history, especially those pertaining to Heroes. After having you and your sister step onto what appears to be a Cullis gate, it begins to glow. Lucien informs that both of you are of a special bloodline, that you are the "Fourth", and that neither of you can be allowed to live. He shoots your sister then turns his gun on you, and you fall from a window to the streets below, where Theresa, the blind seeress cares for you.

Ten years pass and you set out on your own with your trusted canine companion to forge your own destiny and get revenge for the death of your sister.

The gameplay in Fable 2 is a huge improvement over the first installment. All combat was reduced to one button for each talent, X for strenth, Y for Skill (If you develop this skill, you can use the left trigger to select which parts you wan to shoot while doing an aimed shot), and B for will (If your hero learns more then one ability, the Left trigger can be held down to select different spells).

The combat itself is very smooth.

Melee combat is very easy to master and is actually remenisent of the Prince of Persia series.

Raged combat with Pistols, Crossbows or Rifles is well executed and very intuitive.

All will ablities default to Area Effect which can be turned into a directional by pointing the left control stick towards an enemy. My only beef with the Will Abilities in fable 2 is that they removed a heal spell, making you rely on potions and food (Which is another beef I have since 2 thirds of the games food make you fat (And only one type of food, Celary, makes you thin, and its very hard to come by) and most of them give an Alignment bonus, either pure or currupt).

All weapons in Fable 2 are in different quality classes, rusty, iron, steel and master. Melee weapons have Longsword, Cutlass, Katana, Mace, Axe and Hammer. Ranged weapons have Pistols (Weak but quick reload), Rifles (Powerful but slow reload), and Crossbows (A balence between the two).

The economy in the game is amazing. whether you spend or perform jobs in a town can directly effect whether that town prospers and grows (And grow it will). Another cool thing is that every property, houses and shops, with a few exceptions, can be purchased, making it possible for the player to literally buy everything, which can make you mayor of a town, or emperor of Albion.

Gone is the minimap, and to replace it, you have a dog, and a pretty realistic one at that. Your dog will follow you where ever you go and can even assist you in combat, and help you track down treasures, if you give him enough training. Because the minimap is gone, Lionhead saw fit to give you some kind of assistance in finding things in the game, which is 10 times larger then the original fable, by giving a golden pixie dust trail to quest objectives, making it virtually impossible to get lost if you take a wrong turn. This doesn't always work with some quests (Like the Archeologist quests), in these instances, you have your dog to help you out.

Family life in Fable 2 was greatly expanded. It is possible to get married, have multiable children, and even have more then one family if your skillful enough. Because of this, Lionhead also added protected and unprotected sex, and along with it, STD's if you're not careful.

Finishing up

All in all, Fable 2 is a excellent game. The story line is great and isn't a handholding experience like the first game. You really are free to do things your own way, and everything you do has lasting effects on the world around you.

A solid 9/10.
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Sound & Graphics Excellent
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    1. radeclew

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      the real world ...
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: is a really good game,
      Cons: none!
      this is the game, that the original XBOX would had.. this game is so massive, there so much you can do here.. it is definitively the best game of the year 2008.


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    1. KamuiSeph

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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: In depth, endless gameeplay.
      Cons: Not on the PC
      The only fault with this game is that it's not out for the PC.
      What the hell?

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