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Ah yes a very very VERY fun game I have just started playing, already have almost 10 hours of game play and just got the game yesterday really. ^^; Yes its that addicting. But here we go and now its time for you to learn to Audiosurf :3

(Audiosurf is an award-winning[4]puzzle/rhythm hybrid game created by Invisible Handlebar, a personal company created by Dylan Fitterer.[5] Its track-like stages visually mimic the music the player chooses, while the player races across several lanes collecting colored blocks that appear in sync with the music. The game was released on February 15, 2008 over Steam; the full version was for a long time only available for purchase through Steam, but was later released as a retail product in Europe, by Ascaron. Audiosurf is the first third party game to use Valve's Steamworks technology. The Zune HD version was also released as Audiosurf Tilt.)

Basic outline of it from Wikipedia so you know who its made by and such things.

Gameplay and Features:

Audiosurf is an amazing 3D like game in which you use Music from your computer and ride the song in miniature space ships collecting color blocks either for points, powerups or to avoid hitting gray blocks. It contains game modes and difficulties for all sorts of riders and different rules for the colors. Each color has a different score: Red-80, Yellow-50, Green-30, Cyan-20 and Purple-10. You also see White and Black blocks that give you 2000 bonus points if they are at the bottom of a column. If you fill up a column with uneven matches you get penalized and lose points and you cannot collect colors for about 10 seconds. This is called Overflow and with Ironman on you fail the song when this is done. Theres also the option to change the colors you see in the options menu. There are 3 difficulty levels, Casual, Pro and Elite with Six different game modes: Mono, Pusher, Eraser, Vegas, Double Vision, and Pointman. Each game mode has their own unique craft for you to use and the abilities of each vary from which difficulty level you play. There are online leader boards and every time you finish a song you are automatically placed in the top, Globally, if your score is high enough. You can get all sorts of points boosts by what you do in the game or what mode your playing on. Such point modifiers are: Clean finish, Stealth, Match 21,11,7, seeing red, butterstick, and Ironman.

Clean finish-Finishing with no colors of sorts in your collector

Stealth-Hitting no grays in a mono ride

Match 21,11,7-Collecting colors of those multitudes for a bonus score.

Seeing red- Collecting the majority of red blocks on a ride

Butter Ninja- Collecting the majority of yellow blocks on a ride

Ironman-completing a ride with its intensity up and difficulty as well. Cannot over flow a column or you fail the song.

Game modes

Note: Casual non mono modes use only three colors: Red, Yellow, Cyan

Casual modes:
Mono- You simply hit colors and avoid grey blocks, very easy and relaxing.

Pointman-You hold the the space bar for hint arrows and right click when you come upon a block and left click to use it later for a good bonus score.

Double Vision-You can play with a friend or by yourself. You use two crafts on a ride and try to get a really big score since your points are pretty much doubling. Challenging by yourself but still fun. One person can use the mouse while the other the arrow keys or specific keys on the keyboard.


Note: Pro non mono modes use four colors-Red, Yellow, Cyan and purple

Mono Pro- An upgrade from mono where the speed is faster and there are more gray blocks. You push right click to jump and left click to widen your block grabbing ability so you can hit three lanes at once. My personal favorite.

Vegas: Hold right click to shuffle the board once your start collecting all sorts of colors. Helps generate powerups to make amazing bonuses!

Eraser- Pick a color and make it disappear with right click then bring it back with left click for good bonuses when your have alot of that same color.

Pointman Pro- An upgraded version of pointman, you capture the blocks and store them for later.

Pusher- You hold right click or left click to move color blocks left or right into the column you want.

DV Pro- An upgraded version of Double vision thats faster and more challenging. Highly advised to play with another person ^^

Elite -cue epic music-

Note: With elite non mono modes all five colors- Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Purple

Ninja Mono- The hardest difficulty on mono in which right click you shoot the grays you collect as shurikens(not advised) and the left click you spread your fins to collect out of reach color blocks. Very hard and fast yet still fun. Its insane with the ironman mode on.

Eraser Elite- Hardest difficulty for eraser, same as the first. Erase your mistakes and bring back colors to make good chains

Pointman elite- Hardest difficulty for Pointman, you left click the blocks to capture them and put them where you need them.

Pusher Elite- Hardest difficulty for Pusher, you push the blocks from side to side to create the chain you need. Very challenging yet insanely fun.

DV Elite- Hardest difficulty for Double Vision, insanely hard to do by yourself since your eyes are everywhere but! Not impossible to do by yourself.

They also have a warning screen before the game starts up.

I just had to put this by itself. The graphics are stunning! The colors themselves will leave you in awe and inspire you to continue to playing. In the options menu you can change the way you see the colors. You can change the screen affect from Negative, Rust(dark metallic colors), Outline (colors are outlined, kinda looks like a coloring book, and Paint(everything looks watercolor like but still amazing. With also four different graphic details: Minimal, Normal, Enhanced, Premium. You can also change the background color from White, Black or Gray. Mix and match background colors with screen affects to make even more amazing visuals. They even have a free ride mode where you just watch the screen change colors with either the classic mode in which you use, I assume from what it looks like, the first ship they made and you dodge the changing color blocks while listening to music of your choice. You can toggle auto pilot with spacebar. Or you can pick Visualizer where you just sit back and watch color changing visuals and listen to music. Very relaxing ^^Its just hard to explain how amazing it looks and how smooth the colors just flow, its like swimming in a wonderus paint swirl.


Audiosurf was positively received with the broad majority of critics. On Metacritic, the title holds an average of 85 out of 100, suggesting favorable reviews.[7] 1UP awarded Audiosurf an "A" rating citing the massive replay value.[8] IGN gave the title an 9.0 out of 10, and stated that "[Audiosurf is] one of those games that offers something for everyone."[9] Eurogamer were slightly less impressed, giving the game a 7 out of 10, criticizing its rough edges, yet remained convinced that the title had enough potential to become "a bite-sized obsession."

From wikipedia

Final thoughts:

I had saw this in a trance video by Dj Sharpnel, someone was using this program. I went to find out what it was and discovered something purely amazing. Though it costs to play the full version its worth every penny. The demo just teases you with only four to six songs of your choice to ride with a few game modes, All of casual and pusher D: . I just couldn't wait to buy it, it kept me up all night and I bought it as soon as I found out how much money I had through Steam. Its also a big fan of Jrock and Jpop since its Jpop week right now so Japanese music fans should be happy about that :3 Its just a purely amazing and addictive game that will keep you entertained from the most serious of gamers to those who like to go along for the ride ^_^
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