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Dead Rising is the most anticipated game for Xbox 360 developed by CAPCOM, the same company who brought the phenomenal hit series Resident Evil. Dead Rising is single player action game that lets gamers control a photojournalist Frank West who is trapped in a mall infested with zombies. Frank West has exactly 3 days to rescue the remaining survivors trapped inside the mall and at the same time solve the mystery behind the zombie epidemic.

Game Mechanics

Controlling Frank West, the main objective of the game is to make Frank stay alive for 3 days while uncovering the mystery behind the events. To do this, Frank has complete cases, a series of events where Frank has to be in the right place and at the right time to uncover the event. If Frank misses a case, it will be vanished throughout the game. This style of game play somewhat hinders the exploration time of players. Completing the various cases will lead the player towards the end of the game even if some cases were not solved.

Aside from the cases, Frank will also receive scoops or phone calls informing him about certain places where he has to accomplish some tasks including rescuing survivors. In a normal RPG time of game, this is what you call side missions. These side missions add up to the replay ability of the game.

A unique feature of the game play is Frank’s ability to take pictures of events during cut scenes. These cut scenes can either be gruesome, funny or erotic in nature. Taking pictures of the scenes awards Frank PP points or in a normal RPG game, level up points. These points enable Frank to do various tricks when fighting off bosses.

Game Graphics

Being an Xbox 360 game, it is expected that graphics will be great. And indeed the graphics in Dead Rising is one of the best among the crop of Xbox 360 games that came out in the market, and perhaps one of Capcom’s finest game in the graphics department. There are lots of characters with detailed rendition. The zombies were perfectly gruesome and scary. The mall is beautifully rendered with its finest details. Every environment in the game is different from one another. This is certainly a finest exhibition of the Xbox 360’s power in terms of graphics display.

Game Audio

Voice acting during the cut scenes was very well done. Actor’s voice fits the characters they voice out. The mostly rockish background music is perfect for that upbeat feeling when ever you get chased by zombies and psychopaths. The sound effects employed when these zombies growls really contributes to the adrenalin rush when playing the game.


Dead Rising is very good action game that truly displays the true power of the Xbox 360 as the new generation gaming console.
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