Nintendo Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends

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Cute puppies never really fail to turn on the charm. I guess thatís the very basis of the appeal of this online game. Thing is, you wouldnít have to deal with all the dirty labor that maintaining a real pet actually brings, but you can enjoy a portion of puppy love interaction through this game. This is probably what drives all the gamers crazy for Nintendogs.

Virtual Pet-Owner Relationship

This game actually enables its enamored players to keep and maintain their own virtual pet in the form of a lovely Dalmatian. Although this is not exactly the first time that Nintendo released a game with this nature of making use of virtual pet companionship, it continues to make waves primarily because it provides that one something people never get tired of doing: virtual pet-owner relationship.

Choose your Pet

The very first thing you will be welcomed with when you start with the game is an array of pets to choose from the Nintendo Dog Kennel. Six breeds are available which can serve to satisfy anyoneís fancy. Itís doubtful that no one will find at least one favorite to nurture throughout the gameís entirety. Even the pickiest of game players will definitely fall in love with these breeds, ranging from Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle, German Shepherd, Boxer, Retriever, and of course, Dalmatian.

Like its real counterparts, these different breeds have their own personalities and quirks, strengths and weaknesses, if you may call it. Colors and personalities will also be available for your selection as you click each breed, which makes you narrow down your choice to the very kind of pup you would want to have as virtual pet. Like authentic pet owning, there is an adoption fee to pay for before you can take your new virtual friend home.

Develop a love for your pet??

Nintendo has practically captured the very essence of dogs in these carefully created dog characters. You will definitely experience the online version of maintaining a pet as well as enable yourself to feel what itís like to have online companionship. They even look as accurate as what their real counterparts are known for. Itís so addictive in the sense that you will develop your own attachment to your chosen virtual pet, which, just like any other pet, knows how to wag its tail and seek for your needed attention.

Pet Names

Another aspect, which Nintendo creatively captured, is the naming aspect of having a pet. You can actually assign your preferred name to the dog you have chosen and allow the voice software in your computer to help the dog recognize its name in due time out of consistent practice. You can also train your newfound friend after a short period of adjustment, and clickable icons can be used to tie certain words to certain commands you will like your virtual dog to have.

And even Pet Contests

Eventually, you can allow your trained virtual friend to enter into contests with other dogs to test his mettle and improve in your labor of love together. There are various types of contests that measure your petís obedience, Frisbee-catching skills and ability to saunter off in rough terrain. Higher levels mean higher prizes and more opportunities for your virtual pet to grow. Your stylus will help your pet recognize what you would like it to do at certain points.


Although this game has been creatively done, it can reach a plateau when all the possible ways to play with the dog have been done. There is no more beyond the rewarding interaction and some gamers with short attention spans might find themselves eventually bored. But given the amount of time that has been spent in rearing your virtual friend, you learn so much more from the game than just earning points. It truly is virtual puppy love at its finest.
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