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"The beautiful game" never fails to capture the imagination of the world. Whenever the World Cup is on, conflicts are temporarily ceased – the world is at peace as it beholds the talented and the daring, and waits with bated breath for the emergence of the deserving Champions.

It is only logical then for the computer gaming industry to try and capture the spirit of the game. Pro Evolution Soccer was created for the fanatic and the curious, and tries to simulate the reality that is soccer - though that goal is yet to be realized, step by step it is getting there.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is the latest to come out of the video gaming series. Comparing with another game of the same sport, FIFA 07, it fails to surpass, graphics-wise. But PRE6 does for football simulation what none of the FIFA games could do.

A major downside of the game is the issues with team licensing and players - many officially licensed teams are absent.

An inferior menu notwithstanding (and with that horrid music), the actual game has simpler controls. It has a much more natural football atmosphere, and offers so much more fluidity and versatility. PRE6 is based on an uncomplicated concept – it works better and does more than the FIFA games wherein you rely on more button controls that achieve less. It allows the player to continually switch between varieties of attacking options.

Better than it's predecessor

Comparing it with its predecessor, it is especially good to note that the referees are now "calmer" – they won’t blow you up for a foul when your player happens to graze another. It is one of the good changes in the game – the game flows much more nicely. You can even perform quick free kicks if you hit the correct buttons in time, and get the game on the move without having everyone get into position.

The physics works better and much more naturally. Through pass is more instinctive, and you are given the option to use an array of formations to accomplish different offensive goals. Shooting has been fine-tuned – better timing is of the essence. The controlled shot-modifying button is more useful, and proper use will yield a larger percentage of your shots actually hitting the target.

The way the ball and the player behave the duals is also more natural. Crosses from the wing are almost effortless, and can be one of the most powerful attacking weapons. Attackers appear more powerful and they really push through defenders when trying to get a header on the goal.

The online play is lag-ridden – come corner kicks, the game turns into a slideshow. Play against an opponent on the other side of the world and you won’t be experiencing much of the game. One has to learn to play around the hellish delay. And to appreciate matter over style, on the whole.

This game is called Winning Eleven in the Americas and PES in Turkey.
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