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Locoroco is another original Japanese game created by Sony Computer Entertainment for its PSP series.

While the game is quite simple, the storyline is what will certainly catch the interest of most avid game fanatics. A game that may be attractive to people of all ages, the mechanics of the game is quite simple, try to survive from invaders in the game by taking the environment of the game world into the player’s hands!

Simple yet Effective

The graphics may not be as attractive as most online games, but considering the game play, the goal of the game is as simple as most games released before. Locoroco is tagged as a simple character that thrives on berries to grow in size. The game is based on gravity, where nudges from the left and right controllers of the PSP will tilt Locoroco to the desired place on the game screen. The twist is when a villain is placed in the whole perfect world scenario, the Moja Troop. Following the storyline of the game, Locoroco is not aware to handle such situation, leaving it at the hands of the player to guide him to safety through the changing obstacles and game environment. The purpose is really survival and dealing with the various characters created in the game. Among the characters to be encountered include the likes of Mui Mui, a friend of Locoroco hidden in key places in the game and provides house pieces that are relevant to the mini games included in the game.

Game Purpose

The graphics presentation is quite simple. Not much sophistication is needed, and the purpose of the game is really to provide a simple adventure type of a game in arcade style. The game is similar like a maze where encounters with the different characters such as Moja, Ojya, the boss of Moja, and Ho ho. It is important for the player to gain knowledge on whether the characters in the game are friends or foes as it is really a mix of villains and colleagues in the course of game play.


For avid game enthusiasts, the manner of presentation of graphic representation of the characters may come to be disappointing. However, whatever shortcoming that graphics may have done, the complement of the musical score makes up. Additionally, the game is similar to the usual plot of games, where advancing to next worlds or higher levels will make completion harder for the player. The various obstacles and the increase of more characters, especially in the villain roles will add the needed challenge that a player needs to go through in the environment that will surely change along the way.

Simple and strategic wise, Locoroco is a game that should definitely be given a try for the avid gamers who want something challenging and worth their while.
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