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Rockstar, the same company that released the hit series Grand Theft Auto, comes another equally satisfying if not better game entitled Canis Canem Edit a.k.a. Dog Eats Dog.

The game is not the usual beat-em-up kind of game, although the majority of the game play mechanics would involve bullying other people in the school.


The story evolved around 15 year-old Jimmy Hopkins was dropped off by his parents at the school in order to go on a luxury cruise.

Look and Feel

Although Canis Canem Edit may not blow away players in the graphics department, the overall look and feel of the Bullworth Academy is noteworthy enough as it utilized the power of the playstation beyond its limits. The in-game animation is a cut above the rest, while the sound track is greatly selected and distributed all through out the game. Voices of the actors employed during the game, are well suited to the characters they are voicing out.

The frame rate is good as well, though the camera angle sometimes hinders the proceedings of the game. Well, this is common in most playstation games.

Story Concepts

The best thing about Canis Canem Edit may not be on the technical side, but it is definitely on the overall story concepts and the unique game play mechanics that goes with it.

Being a mission-based game, Canis Canem Edit is packed with many missions that are not different from each other. Jimmy has to attend classes and should not loiter around the school exploring its every area. Attending classes gives Jimmy the chance to learn about certain tasks and things to accomplish. Finishing these tasks awards Jimmy new weapons to use or perform other actions that would be very useful in doing other harder tasks. For instance, attending a language task improves Jimmy’s verbal abilities. This improved verbal ability allows Jimmy to beg off from enemies or apologize to school authorities.

In a chemistry class, Jimmy can learn skills for mixing and concocting stink bombs and firecrackers that he can use when bullying other students belonging to different factions of the school. Bullying these student factions is the main objective of the game and comprises the different chapters of the game.


Like in Grand Theft Auto, Canis Canem Edit is also packed with extras that need to be collected and gives players incentives at the end of the game.

There are a lot of packages to search and find all over the school. There are a lot customs that can be bought and mini-missions to complete. All this can be done during the game or even after finishing the game towards the end.

Despite these features and extras, Canis Canem Edit, is still fairly easy to beat and finish. It will take around 10-15 hours to finish one run of the game. The replayability factor is also high since there are still other things to do even after completing the main missions.


Overall, Canis Canem Edit is a fun game that is certainly worth every buck of its price.

The title of the game has been renamed to Canis Canem Edit due to controversial issues in the UK.

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