Eidos Interactive Tomb Raider: Legend

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Gamers and non-gamers alike, when asked who is the top ranking computer game heroine, the answers would invariably be Lara Croft. The buxom English heiress-cum-adventurer exploded into being years back, and has captivated fans all around the globe.

Legend Brings Back to Life

Since the original title, Lara is now embarking on her seventh adventure – Tomb Raider: Legend. Its previous title was a huge flop, a disgrace best left forgotten. But with locations spanning the Far East and the heart of Africa, Lara's latest raid could redeem her yet.

Legend brings back to life the Lara Croft gamers around the world had known and loved – athletic, entertaining, and intelligent. She virtually comes alive with complex abilities, moves, and expressions. Lara’s appearance and movements are shaped to be an innate extension of her abilities, motivations, and overall personality. And with the jump to Xbox 360, Lara feels right at home in a more stunning world with improved controls and more of the puzzles and level designs that caught the imagination of the gamers over the title in the first place.

Lara is as Hot as Ever

Her features are clearly defined – natural composition, realistic textures, detailed facial features, and fluid motions – all causing her to blend perfectly with her living, breathing environment.

Lara is armed with newer and "badder" equipment – binoculars, magnetic grappler, grenades, personal lighting device, and communications equipment. New character animations and controls permit her to move through her striking surroundings with grace and precision, without deviating from the title's original explore-and-solve adventure appeal.

Mammoth rooms with poles and ledges have returned, sans Lara’s frustrating original method of navigation. Exploration is freer – each new challenge is a piece of cake mobility-wise. The puzzles have evolved to include Physics – the need to painstakingly set up jumps or blocks is a thing of the past.

Lara’s athleticism is delightfully evident – her movements are faster and more effortless, and she shimmies and swims if you want to speed things up. She would often use her new grapple wire in the game, and her old twin pistols with unlimited ammo stages a comeback. The lock-on targeting is near where you’d hope it would be, but manual targeting can only be done if you remain immobile while using it. Combat is better – up-close combat is added to her arsenal.

Lara has excuses to earn plus cool points doing physically impossible stunts with the interactive cutscenes, though riding a motorcycle isn't as effective – the driving mechanics are feeble, and is one of the drawbacks of the game.

To counter the demerit, one is again allowed to explore Lara’s manor. It is now an ingenious exploratory section full of mysteries. A reason this could have been included though is because of the relative shortness of the title, possibly in the whole TR series. The save-anywhere feature and the abundance of checkpoints are welcome, but the loading time after you die is a pain.


Tomb Raider is a gaming legend, and Tomb Raider: Legend iterates that.
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Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Action, Adventure


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  1. 16/12/2006 3:58pm
    1. Sinistra
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      October 2004
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      Would you recommend the product? No     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 3
      Pros: Good graphic easy controls
      Cons: too bloody short
      If you are a diehard tomb raider fan as myself you should complain to Edos and have them make a loger more chalgening game
  1. 25/3/2007 8:12am
    1. _gwenibe_
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      June 2005
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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 6
      Pros: graphics
      Cons: not long enough
      I guess if you are a diehard Tomb Raider fan you would love this. But for me, I didn't think it was all that good nor all that bad..I have played better Tomb Raider games..


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