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If youíve played any Zelda game you know what this series is all about. Besides the few that stray a little from the classic Zelda formula, they all still hold a certain charm and experience that this series is known for. This excludes those horrible CD-I games that I won't mention due to my great disgust.


So what is this world renowned recipe that so many have tried to imitate but only to be found themselves steps below? Itís an epic adventure action game, lead by our hero Link; off to save the land of Hyrule and the lovely princess Zelda. Itís clichť but it works, it works so well, Zelda is known as one of most popular series in the gaming world. But I donít need to tell you that, so onto the review.


Here we have one of the more complex stories in a Zelda series, but that says very little. Zelda hasnít really been known for its stories, so Iíll keep this short.

We have two worlds, the land of the Light and the Twilight. Twilight is in trouble and that has affected the Light world. The land of Light is slowly being engulfed in darkness, headed by a mysterious entity named Zant. Of course with the world in grave distress, Link is seen as the chosen one, foreseen by the sages to save both worlds. A cute little imp named Midna accompanies him on this epic journey.

Visuals and Audio

When I heard that Zelda was heading towards a more realistic direction in terms of visuals, I thought of the bland and overdone imagery in so many other games, but this is not the case. Fully fleshed out in a more realistic art direction, Twilight Princess has one of the most engrossing worlds I have ever played. Everything is done very nicely; characters, dungeons, and the overworld all hold great beauty and style.

The graphics aren't on par to what some would consider "next-gen" but the artistic style of Twilight Princess, or of any game, holds so much more value than the graphical output.

You have your classic Zelda music and sounds only enhanced by the Wii-motes little speaker which ups the level of game immersion. I commend Nintendo for adding such a cool little feature. Although the sound from the Wii-mote is a bit jarring and loud at first, you get used to it and only intensifies your battles.


FlawlessÖ Ok maybe not flawless, but damn close. I didn't have a moment where I was troubled by the Wii-mote and it all seemed very natural. The aiming with the Wii-mote is such a blessing to this game. Side stepping while taking out baddies shooting flaming arrows down at you is a great experience. Thinking back to the old days of aiming makes me shutter. The Z-Targeting system was great as usual and seemed even more on point than the previous games. The camera is auto but I have no complaints here. Before I played this game I read about complaints in this aspect but after the first 30 minutes I didnít even think about it.


Here is where the game shines. I was anxious to see what Nintendo had done with Twilight Princess to make us wait so long, and after playing through the game it is understandable. Everything in this game screams classic Zelda but in a new refreshing manner. Itís the subtle nature of the world and dungeons are what impressed me about this game. The dungeons in this game were like no other in the series. The first few were simplistic and were what we expect from a Zelda game, but as the game progresses, we see Nintendo work its magic. You get in touch with the various characters you meet and you really feel like you are on an epic quest to save Hyrule. For example, when you enter the ice dungeon, you donít say to yourself, "Hey it's the ice dungeon, where can I find my fire weapon and kill the master", instead you find yourself conversing with 2 friendly abominable snow beings that welcome you into their home; that has been infested with the evil from the Twilight. Differences like this make Twilight Princess what it is and not just another Zelda game.

The weapons are also classic but refreshing. Unless youíve read about them, Iím pretty sure each dungeon will have you guessing a little about what you will get in that big treasure chest. Like I said before about the ice dungeon, this also applies to weapons. To say the least without any spoilers, you won't be getting a fire weapon in the ice dungeon.


This is definitely an instant classic, and sits right beside the other classics in this series. I do have a few gripes, such as the easy bosses, and overall linearity of the game, but these are minor compared to the good points of the game. The story, visuals, audio, controls, and gameplay all put together in an impressive package. I wouldn't expect any less from Nintendo. I was apprehensive at this installment but all my doubts were quickly drowned out by the beauty that is, The Legend of Zelda.
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Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Excellent
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Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Action-adventure


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  1. 25/1/2007 12:24am
    1. OdysseanPromise

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      November 2004
      Montclair, NJ (School), Severn, MD (Home)
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 8
      Pros: Adult Link. Cool Wii Control integration
      Cons: Wolf Link. I've Played This Game Four Times Before
      I like Zelda games, I do, but dear greater power in greater power's domain, I've played this before.

      Whenever you first up a Zelda game, you know the following things:

      1. When you get an item, you will use it to defeat a boss sometime very soon
      2. If you get metal boots, there will be a water temple.
      3. Pull on stuff, something will happen.

      Twilight Princess is another installment of the series that inspired my "Dungeon Crawling Rules of Geometry"

      1. If given a choice between two doors, one farther than the other, the one with useful stuff/a boss will be the further one. Game designers make you walk.

      2. If given a choice between two doors, one to the left, and one to the right, the one that will eventually lead to the boss is to the left, because left is evil. The door on the right probably gives you money.

      3. If the dungeon is relatively symmetrical, you will end up in the center.

      Anyway, enough about that.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the game, except for being Wolf Link, but that is mainly because I'm categorically opposed to transformation scenes.

      It is sort of nice to get a sort of old school feel to a game of the future. Also, it is good that the Wii controls don't feel terribly novelty like some of the other games do.

  1. 13/3/2007 6:49pm
    1. Mattness

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      August 2006
      Chapel Hill, North Carolina
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: The Wii controls bring you into the game like never before!
      Cons: Wolf like can get a little boring...
      I love all things Zelda but I couldn't bring myself to lie and give this a 10.
      If only they had made it a little more fun to be the wolf, this bame would have deserved an 11!


  1. 3/9/2007 4:47pm
    1. Little negi sensei

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      May 2007
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      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 10
      Pros: Good game controlls,interesting story and chacters
      Cons: Wolf link can get a little slow going
      Its great.Its one of thoes games where you bet it and you go back and play through it because its fun.The 2nd best zelda game.


      That my friend, Is the cat that saw you naked.

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