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Donkey Kong has always been a favorite for me. The old Donkey Kong Country games had me playing non-stop and DK 94í was also amazing. I canít say the same for DK64, which I thought was complete garbage. Good thing Nintendo came out with a refreshing innovative game called Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Game Control

This game is controlled with a set of bongos. You can use the regular GC controller if you want but you wonít get the full experience of the game and will make it harder to control your character. The bongos are not a "gimmick". You hit the right bongo to move right and the left one to move left. Hitting both bongos at the same time will enable you to jump up. You clap, or tap the side of the bongo for attacking and other actions. With this controller you can do everything you need to in the game. At first I found it frustrating, but with just a little time it really grew on me and made me realize exactly how innovative the game really was. Once you get the controls down, you'll be bongo-ing to victory.

Game Overview

You control Donkey Kong collecting bananas to help your other little friends overcome evil enemies.

The game is like a normal platformer with jumping and killing baddies, but with a intuitive combo system. Connecting your attacks, aerial acrobats, and other various moves adds extreme replay to the game. It's quite satisfying when you are awarded those shiny medals. More medals you get, more levels are revealed. Mastering each level by collecting bananas in a combo chain really makes you think of how to execute your moves. The game has a nice ascension of difficulty as you progress in the game. There are plenty of stages and with each stage there are 3 levels with the last one being the boss. Boss battles are intense and great fun.

Music and Appearance

The game has a colorful array of differently themed stages which all look amazing. The music in the game is also another high point with scores that fit the stages impeccably. When you play the game you will notice the tempo of the music will speed up or slow down according to your action. I was always a fan of DK game music and with this game itís no different.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is definitely a game worth getting for any gamer. I canít imagine my collection without it. Such great controls and innovative gameplay is an instant win for me. It's just fun, which as of late hasnít been all that prevalent in the gaming world. Novices and hardcore alike, this game offers enough for anyone to enjoy the game. If you liked past Donkey Kong games or just need a refreshing experience, this game will do it.

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