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Do you own a PSP? Do you like Metal Gear Solid? Well then what are you waiting for?


1970, the American war machine is hard at work in the jungles of Vietnam while politicians back in Washington are working tirelessly to make sure that they stay one step ahead of the Soviet Union in the grand scale of the Cold War.

Deterrence and propaganda are more important than ever in this new war, but what does that matter to the legendary hero, Big Boss, who has been in retirement for several years now?

Everything, because Big Boss, Snake, has been caught up in a military coup. FOX has taken over a military installation in South America that is not even supposed to exist, but when America's newest and greatest war machine is stolen, someone has to be held accountable.

When Snake wakes up, he has no idea where he is or why he's there. After being "interrogated" by FOX's specialist, Lt.Cunningham, Snake has no choice but to fall back on his Special Forces training: Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape.


In every way, this is a Metal Gear Solid game. No more cards, turns or "soda can shaped" Metal Gears. This is tactical espionage action and you'll only make it using all of Snake's old tricks. This time though, instead of having a Mary Poppin's bag which allowed players of the past to carry an M16, an AK, grenades, RPG's, Stingers, Claymores, rations, porno mags, extra clips, and your trusty Mach 3 Razor, you can only carry four items. Suddenly, you are much more limited on how you play.

Do you run and gun with an M16, or do you sneak in with your MK22? You’re forced to be resourceful and creative. What Would Snake Do?

Expect to devote a lot of time to recruiting. Unlike the previous games, it pays to NOT kill everyone in your path. Knock out your opponents and take them back to your truck to have them join your party (after some backstage "negotiation"). You will be able to assign these members to spying, technical, and medical units, in addition to being on Snake's party.

Final Thoughts

MPO pushes the graphical limits of the PSP, and while there is no room for complete voice acting, it does provide voice acting for the cut scenes. Naturally, David Hayter comes back for Snake. The controls require a little getting used to, due to working with fewer buttons, but the flow is pretty natural once you play for an hour or two.

This is the "missing link" leading to Outer Heaven, and it is a tale frequented less of the occasional humor that the previous games had and focuses more on the inhumanity of war; Realities that Snake as a soldier might have been able to ignore, but as a leader cannot.

Soldiers may be ready to sacrifice their lives, but a leader must not be so willing to sacrifice the lives of his men.

Official Site - http://www.konami.jp/kojima_pro/e3_2006/
Keywords: Metal Gear Solid Hideo Kojima Big Boss
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Approx. Retail Price $39.99
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Tatical Episonage Action


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