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Former U.S. Marine and Iraq war veteran, Nick Mason, returns to a city in shambles. The "Burner" gang has been causing city-wide riots that the local law enforcement can hardly control. When Mason receives word that his father was killed in a surge of gang violence, he realizes that it is time for him to return home and reclaim the city he loves.

To combat the all out war that is going on, out on the streets, a new highly armed and armored riot control unit is created: T-Zero. This unit is experimental and extremely controversial and YOU are the one who has to prove to the country that you are not only effective, but worth the tax-payer’s money.


It is a standard dual-analog control pattern common to FPS games. However, the shield is built as a separate button from the weapons, giving you easy access for when you have a machete flying towards you.

Visual and Sound

The graphics are good, but not spectacular. All of the gangers wear masks, which helps them from having the "clone army" feeling. The missions are tied together by news reports which are all done by live actors. It's bit of an unusual approach, but it works none the less.

Urban Chaos boasts an electrifying soundtrack which keeps you pumped up during the missions, and is an awesome way to rock out in between.


The unique thing to Urban Chaos, is that as a riot officer, you have two particular tools at your disposal that are more uncommon among FPSs: Riot shields and a taser. The shield quickly becomes your best friend, allowing you to quickly stop a lunging ganger, or for blocking flying debris. The taser is supposed to be used for the "winning the hearts and minds" part of the game. Instead of killing all of your opponents, you will be rewarded for just stunning them to bring them in for questioning. However, let it be known that if you hold down the trigger for long enough, they will light on fire, and honestly, if you don't think that's the coolest thing ever, you should probably check and see if you're not clinically dead.

Rated M

This game defines what an "M" rated game should look like. The cursing and jeers of the gangers, especially as you progress through the game and gain some measure of notoriety, adds to the chaotic atmosphere of the game. This is certainly not a game for the weak of heart.

Final Thoughts

Urban Chaos offers a surprising amount of replay ability and advancement with the medal system, giving you upgrades for fulfilling in-game secondary objectives. From higher damage pistols to smoke grenades, it would certainly be in your best interest to go back and clean up the streets after you accomplish your primary missions.

This game is visceral and intense, but it rarely seems egregious; your city and your father were robbed from you while you were fighting to protect your country. Professionalism is for the beat cops. You are America's best, and you have a vendetta.
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Sound & Graphics Very Good
Entertainment Value Excellent
Approx. Retail Price $39.99
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Action FPS


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