Bandai Namco Games .hack//G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth

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After being PK'ed (Player Killed) on his first adventure in "The World" by people who pretended to be newbie helpers, and after his good friend Shino disappears after being PK'ed by a mysterious character, Haseo dedicates his in-game life to becoming "The Terror of Death" the legendary PKK (Player Killer-Killer).

However just when he tracks down the player he believes PK'ed Shino, Tri-Edge, he too is killed by this unbelievably strong player. And what is this? His virtual armor and weaponry is being shattered into binary with each parry!

Haseo wakes up and he is at level 1 again, and has made a lot of powerful enemies on his way to the top.


The game plays similarly to Kingdom Hearts in the Action RPG style of game play. The people in your party cannot be directly ordered, but you can establish about how aggressively or defensively you want them to act using a series of grids similar to the interface from the SNES game "Secret of Mana".

The battle system was vastly improved from the first .hack games. There are combo techniques, and your skills are determined by your level with that weapon rather than whatever type of weapon you are using.

There is a new "morale" system, which encourages you to fulfill certain parameters for a coordinated group attack. Different characters respond favorably to different things. Your kind-hearted cleric will be motivated when you use a healing item on someone. Your "mentor" will be inspired when you do combo attacks that land a lot of hits.

Graphics and Sound

The in game videos use cell shading a lot more extensively than the first series did, which gives a much greater capacity for motion and expression. Furthermore, the entire look of the game has grown up considerably. This version of the world is an entirely different piece of software since the last game, and it looks it. For one thing, the characters are considerably more "grown-up" looking than in most of the other series.

The soundtrack, as is par for .hack, is phenomenal. The entire score has a touch of darkness that permeates it, and instills in the gamer this feeling of dread that is just beyond one's sight.

Final Thoughts

.hack//G.U. is so much darker than any of the shows that have come before it. The main character isn't altruistic; he isn't nice; he isn't weak. His experiences within the game, and his confidence in the power that he had gives him this unrelenting arrogance which even might make the gamer a bit uncomfortable. Most of the characters themselves interpret this to him simply being a jerk, when in actuality he is driven by something much more important than what he often finds himself doing.

The last .hack series had its flaws: long dungeons, boring combat, and a forgettable hero, but .hack//G.U. delivers a vastly improved tale of one player's determination to find the truth, no matter what the cost.

Final Verdict: 9.5 out of 10
Keywords: .hack//G.U. RPG darkness game
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Excellent
Approx. Retail Price $49.99
Genre (e.g. Action, Adventure) Action RPG


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    1. Joshua001

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      Pros: guild and store front
      Cons: removed the fortune wire
      I played this game and found it to be just as good both story and all around just like the previous series. The only thing i hated about this one is they removed the fortune wire for a key combination on the trapped treasure chests. On the positive side they added more things to the game like the guilds and the store front witch can be used and improved as the story goes on as well as other side quest you can do along the way thought the story without them being overbearing like in other similar games. Right now there wasn’t much to them but they hold great hope for the next release.

      Barbecued,bake,fryed,every sort of sauce as well as bread of dog.......No mater what it always tastes like chicken. Any ideas oh how to change this?

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