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    1. I like Zelda games, I do, but dear greater power in greater power's domain, I've played this before.... legend-of-zelda1.jpg
      Ugh, People complain about "Spirits Within" being a bad use of the Final Fantasy label have OBVIO... Final-Fantasy-Unlimited.jpg
      First of all, I want to say that this movie has a profound richness that you do not see in a lot of ... JinRoh_anime.jpg

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    1. As of right now syfy style fps with a exellent story is bioshock. cant wait for bioshock infinite in...
      by animemist
      got this because I got the dvd preview from newtype usa and loved it. A must for you action/scifi an...
      by shigurai
      An anime that makes fun of people who love anime. let's admit it now we are all a little like the o...
      by beast
      One of the best Ego-Shooter I've played so far. Luv it.
      by lapislazuli
      I have this game, and I am very near the end. The Bosses are tough, the Characters Alive and All in...
      by overload
      this game is beautiful and bloody and Cole is kinda funny
      by Zerosan9000
      good mix of present first person and futuristic ideas with a strong story mode
      by Mofro
      best game i ever played although it could be a bit more like halo it would be kinda cool if they h...
      by Mofro
      It really touched my heart with sadness when their stage was destroyed in the last episode. That sta...
      by Dragon Bandit
      This game is a lot better then halo 3. And before people say i dont like halo i used to play it all ...
      by rock on

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