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      I like Zelda games, I do, but dear greater power in greater power's domain, I've played this before.

      Whenever you first up a Zelda game, you know the following things:

      1. When you get an item, you will use it to defeat a boss sometime very soon
      2. If you get metal boots, there will be a water temple.
      3. Pull on stuff, something will happen.

      Twilight Princess is another installment of the series that inspired my "Dungeon Crawling Rules of Geometry"

      1. If given a choice between two doors, one farther than the other, the one with useful stuff/a boss will be the further one. Game designers make you walk.

      2. If given a choice between two doors, one to the left, and one to the right, the one that will eventually lead to the boss is to the left, because left is evil. The door on the right probably gives you money.

      3. If the dungeon is relatively symmetrical, you will end up in the center.

      Anyway, enough about that.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the game, except for being Wolf Link, but that is mainly because I'm categorically opposed to transformation scenes.

      It is sort of nice to get a sort of old school feel to a game of the future. Also, it is good that the Wii controls don't feel terribly novelty like some of the other games do.

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