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    1. I knew I forgot something. I will agree that the japanese was much better. Thanks for adding that. Ai-Yori-Aoshi.jpg
      Great description of the series. I loved this show. I might end up buying the dvds now. fate-stay-night.JPG

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    1. Its not one of the best thirteen episode anime out there, but it is the best horror anime out there ...
      by lovelyphantom
      I would have to agree with the author of this review. The series was dragged way to long, and the en...
      by lovelyphantom
      loved it so much i got a tatoo. watching this if your having a bad day and youll find your self hap...
      by shigurai
      Did you just watch all the episodes and not The Final Act? Thats were the ending is. o.o I hav...
      by BleachMySoul
      Most of us only knoew kenshin when he was grown and vowed never to kill again. But from the anime w...
      by beast
      I sasy this is one of the best thirteen episode anime there is. The story is fast paced and rather ...
      by beast
      This is a favorite and much loved anime series of most of my friends and myself. The storyline tugs ...
      by etoile93
      I like the way this story started to unfold it was told very well. I saw the ending as a good way t...
      by SelfTorment
      I agree, it was a very good series. It didn't need any humor, the story line made me want to keep wa...
      by AlchemistHaruhi
      With excellent animation original story and no fillers its a must see. The two main characters Train...
      by NinjaRyu

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