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ES: Eternal Sabbath is a story of science gone bad as this group of scientists go in search of immortality. The scientists were able to cook up a gene which grants a 200 year lifespan to the carrier, thus creating modified human beings immune to all viruses and disease. The main reason for the gene was just to find out if it was even possible to have eternal life.

Problems arise when one of the ES carriers escape from the research facility and an unexpected development takes place, however, with Eternal Sabbath carriers gaining mind control and memory altering powers. Ryosuke Akiba, an ES carrying escapee is discovered by Dr. Kujvou, a female neurology professor after he had adapted to human life and was looked upon as a human.

The story then takes a turn, pitting Dr. Kujyou and Ryosuke Akib against Isaac, who happens to be Ryosuke’s clone, with a twist – he’s the bad guy.

Artwork and Characters

Eternal Sabbath is an unconventional manga series, in that it delves more into the lives and the psychology of the characters, and how they come to terms with their powers, their responsibilities and their own actions. The basic premise of the story is exactly that – A premise to explore and flesh out each character.

The amount of attention that Fuyumi Soryo has put into Ryosuke Akiba is especially worth mentioning. Every time the story focuses on him, there is a sharp spike in the interest generated. The first volume, where he uses his powers without knowing what it is, how he struggles to come to terms with it, his initiation by Dr. Kujyou – all build up to an expectation that there's something big about to unfold.

Soryo does not neglect the others, either. The romantic interest is maintained by means of resentments between Dr. Kujyou and Kimiko, an old friend. Kujyou's interaction with Ryosuke Akiba is very subtle and Soryo resists the impulse to let the two of them hit the sack. Instead, Kujyou plays the doctor, trying to understand a subject and guiding him gently. All in all, a fine effort to create undercurrents of emotional entanglements without any overt displays of affection.

Best part is, the characters are clearly defined, the background information for each of the principals is filled in without devoting entire volumes to it and there's a clear buildup and progress towards a climax.

Story Flow

The story flows without any breaks and the illustration and dialogue are very clean. Any more discussion of the story would mean spoiling the joy of going through the volumes yourself, so I'll leave it at that.
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Illustrations and Layout Average
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Excellent
Genre Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama
Volumes 8


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