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One of the first incarnations of the .hack world to begin, and the last of the first generation of .hack merchandise to end, the .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga just goes to prove that...

Okay, I got nothing.


The sugary sweet SD versions of familiar characters is in "The World" - the online video game that has, up until now, been frequented by some of the worst PR that any one company could muster. However, in a contest giving away legendary character avatars, two siblings, separated by divorced parents, can bond, at least a little bit.

That is until Rena, sister to Shugo, Blackrose to his Kite, goes into a coma! Wait, no she doesn't, that was the show, (donít worry, it wasn't a spoiler. If you've seen any other .hack, you knew it was coming sooner than later).

There is a TV anime version of this show, but they are almost completely divergent. The manga and the first four episodes of the show coincide fairly well, but after that, partly because I suspect that the second and third volumes weren't drawn yet, the artists behind the serialization decided to take their own liberties with the plot.

Overall Thoughts

All in all, I prefer the manga version, as it is a .hack entry that does NOT involve someone falling into a coma. It is a welcome change from a tired plot device.

I must say that reading this manga series is a lot like eating a funnel cake: it is delicious and enjoyable, but not very filling. It lacks substance, character, and quite a bit of plot for what amounts to a love story aspiring to be of Chobit proportions.

This manga, while certainly not without virtue, still seems so out of place that it almost reads like a doujinshi, rather than a canon piece for the universe.

What is interesting to note, for those of you fans who may be newer to the .hack scene, is that it makes references in some of the authorís notes to Tri-Edge and some other events in G.U. continuity. It may not be worth it enough to pick up the series if you do not already own them, but it might be worth thumbing through your copy again if you have not read them in a while.


Something I will give this manga credit for is its effective use of layout. The art flows well, and never really seems to get bogged down with any difficulty of thought as to where you're supposed to read next. I do not read a lot of manga, so it being easy to read is integral to my enjoyment.

Final Verdict: 7/10

Official website at www.dothack.com.
Keywords: twins, chibi avatars, bracelet, The World, puberty, rare item, hunter
Illustrations and Layout Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Shonen
Volumes 3


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      Pros: chibi sized characters of the originals
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      it's really good cuz its in a virtual worlds *techno girl*

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