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The plot is very fast and edgy. After you first read the story, youíll wonder where the plot was. But then it will shine through.

Chyna Shepherd remains untouched and alive. Itís a prayer and a report, something to remember. It guided her through a childhood she never had. All her life, Chyna was alone and unloved. Until she met Laura.

Laura Templeton, selfless and caring, her only and best friend. But there isnít goodness without bad. Laura and her family are murdered while Chyna quivers under a bed, reliving her past yet again.

Somehow she manages to follow the killer to a gas station, in his own motor home to boot. Hears him kill, them stumbles upon a picture of Ariel. After that moment, Chyna found herself recklessly and hopelessly caring for this girl, this girl who is lost like she was.

Chyna is a singularity, she somehow finds herself able to save the day, but to nab her happy ending too.

Presentation / Atmosphere

All through the book you have so much thrown at you, so much information and action that it somehow manages to feel slow. Like a gunshot fired and slowed some way by a magical force, this book is intense.

Itís very well presented, touching all the bases as it goes. Never leaving too much open or closed, giving the reader a sense finality as all action ebbs or peaks. It has this odd sort of calmness about it - not the booming shouts youíd expect, which only makes it better at the end.

The atmosphere is just amazing, you can feel Chynaís hope. I almost wanted to yell at the book with the hope my words reach her ears. Koontz draws out the scenery very well, and the characters feel real.

An awesome job, he kept the atmosphere running at a break neck speed but lulled the presentation of it down to granny speed, itís just crazy.


Intensity is just that, intense. Itíll get you all pumped and ready for something; itíll make you twitch with excited fear. This is a crazy good read, if you can catch the moral, although itís still very good if you can't.

The story is great, the atmosphere is awesome, and the characters are memorable. The book just screams greatness. This is a book I might consider re-reading, and thatís something I do very rarely.

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Keywords: faith, courage, hope, trapped, basement, murder
Illustrations and Layout Very Good
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Excellent
Genre Suspence, Action
Volumes 1 (12 Chapters)


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