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{Please note ~ this is a small-press import comic and is not available in English at the time of this review. The author's work can be purchased through the author's website at, Comics Tora no Ana, or at Comitia comic conventions in Japan.}


It's a terrible shame that the Japanese doujinshi community doesn't like Western fans very much, though I suppose it's easy to understand why. In feeding others' images without credit to image-boards and galleries without regard for the artists, we're ignoring (and in fact, erasing the trail back to) the pool of talent that generates them.

Who knows what treasures we'd be able to discover and friends we could make if didn't all just nab everything we can get our mitts on.

That said: steal the images off the website linked in this review and I'll rearrange your face.

Buy the book and I might give you a cookie.

Fortes Fortuna Juvat is a 16-page full-color doujinshi artbook with a 16-page black and white sketchbook companion. The circle "ashen*ash*factory" is actually made up of only one artist by the name of "Ashi". His work spans nearly 5 years. The images included in this volume are vibrantly colored with professional-quality CG work all-around. Every subject in the main volume is a lovely lady with wings of some sort: there are valkyries, lolitas and cyborgs aplenty, all with feathers either organic or man-made. The companion volume has sketches of over a dozen other characters (catgirls, angels, shrine maidens, schoolgirls, maids and some males).


While most of the illustrations have a generic "love simulation game" character-design vibe to them some of the action poses and 2-page spreads are fascinating to look at. The sketchbook is equally interesting, with lots of notes and small-sized illustrations also packed into the slim volume.

Story Overview

There's no story at all included here, except for the ones implied by the images within...

As a fan-produced softcover, it's shelf-life is likely to be limited: but you'll certainly enjoy it while it lasts. Certainly a welcome addition to any "angel" fan's collection and well worth the price (a steal at 500 yen).

Ashi's far-more-competant-than-average English disclaimer on his homepage leads me to think he may just speak a word or two of it... it's certainly worth a fanmail attempt if you like what you see
Keywords: love simulation, valkyries, lolitas, cyborgs
Illustrations and Layout Excellent
Entertainment Value Very Good
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre Small Press Artbook, Doujinshi
Volumes 1 Artbook + Companion Volume


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