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The novel "Burned" is about a teenage girl named Pattyn - a Mormon girl living with a very religious family, in which her father is not as religious as he seems. When Pattyn finds herself thinking and doing things that she has been taught is "wrong", it gets her into a lot of trouble and she gets sent off to an aunts house for the summer.

An Interesting Read

The plot of the story is very suspenseful and quite different from other stories I have read. Especially the unexpected ending which took me by surprise.

Burned kept my interest, and at times I found it hard to put the book down. At the beginning, Pattyn was a good girl that helped out around the house without question, doing what she was told to do. As you read on, she starts to get into trouble for things she does and cares less about doing what she is told. It was liking watching a somewhat good girl turn into a somewhat bad girl. That is actually what I liked most about the book - good girl to bad girl progression.

Page Layout

The way the book is printed makes it annoying to read. If you are a person looking at someone else reading the book, you would think they were reading a poetry book. It is printed differently on every page. Sometimes in square stanzas, diagonal stanzas, crosses, a number, and at one point the writing was even in a circle.


I particularly enjoyed the character of the girls aunt who reminds me of one of my favorite people (my sister). She does things when other people would not approve or just in spite. For example teaching Pattyn something her father didn't think she needed to know how to do.

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend the book to anyone that would be interested, though I don't think guys will like it as much. It is based on a girls life and growing interest in the opposite sex. It does not really say much about the Mormon doctrine or anything like that either, just incase that may be a reason you'd be interesed in it.
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Genre Romance, drama
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