MARVEL Comics NYX (issues 1-7)

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by Joe Quesada and Joshua Middleton


Kigen hasn't got the best cards to work with. Her family is fragmented, her brothers are out of control, and she lives in a neighborhood where drug dealers and gang warfare are part of every day life. When she was small, Kigen saw her police-officer father murdered in front of her and her life has been one disaster after another ever since. A wild-child of epic proportions, Kigen (now 16) spends most of her time high on something and starting fights with thugs who could easily end her.

It's only a matter of time until Kigen finds herself on the wrong side of a gun. When she does, she discovers the power to stop time in its tracks. Most would be horrified, but Kigen is delighted. It's all fun and games now, but what's going to happen to Kigen and those around her when her attitude and her powers both backfire?


NYX has two things going for it: amazing artwork and a story completely unfettered by the X-Men timeline. NYX never really feels like an X-Men offshoot.

Unfortunately the same can't be said in reverse. With X-Men already drowning in it's own overstuffed cast, another story designed only to introduce more mutants is just about the last thing it needs.

At least Kigen is a breath of fresh air. Her character is so incredibly flawed that it's really a challenge to like her. She's a selfish little brat who's lost her way in the world... a chain smoking, disrespectful little punk you'd pobably hate in person. Even so, the kid's got spunk and the longer you read the more you come to admire the street-smarts that have gotten Kigen this far more or less unscathed. There's an innocence and playfulness about her that is immediately appealing.

Ironically, the only character here that immediately moves on to mainstream X-titles is X-23, a sexed-up lolita version of Wolverine.

NYX is an interesting setup with a very interesting main character and beautiful artwork. Unfortunately, it's all dressed up with nowhere to go. The final few issues are rather pointless and the ultimate conclusion is a wimpy little "so what?" NYX fails in the same sense that most new MARVEL books do: it wasn't given the time to find an audience before it was yanked and recycled into a more popular title.

It's still worth a look... if only to wonder what might have been if MARVEL had the balls to continue it awhile at their expense.

WARNING: NYX contains staggering amounts of drug-use, oddly censored profanity, and violence. There are multiple dramatic shootings, two suicides, and a few instances of vomitting/urinating on oneself. X-23 spends some time as a hooker. For a "teen"-centric X-Men book, it certainly isn't appropriate for most of the audience that would probably want to read it O_o; Maybe this contributed to it's failure?

-introduction of X-23 (Kigen, Tatiana).

Read it for the artwork and the unconventional approach to X-Men in general. It isn't required reading for an X-Men enthusiast, nor does it require familiarity with X-Men to enjoy.
Keywords: NYX X-Men superheroes teenagers ravers New York City angst
Illustrations and Layout Excellent
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Average
Plot Average
Genre super-heroes, teen
Volumes 1-7 (complete)


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