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At first, Peach Girl may seem your ordinary teenage inspired manga where girl meets boy, girl likes boy but boy is shy to court girl. But as you continue reading the manga series and get into the character development, you would get hooked with the characters, sympathize with her agony and rejoice at her triumphs. After all, Momo Adachi, the Peach Girl, is your typical student who is on a struggle to survive, high school life and the adversities that goes along with adolescence.

Peach girl revolves around the life of Momo Adachi, who is tormented at her back by her friend, Sae. Like all teen-age high school student, Momo has a crush on Toji, your typical shy high school boy. Momo’s lives a tormenting life because of complications brought about by none other than her friend Sae, and playboy Kiley who is out to get her. Things get further complicated when Sae forces Toji to break up with Momo, with the Toji reluctant at first, but finally decided to do so in order to protect Momo from the threats of Sae. Momo found solace in the comforts of Kiley. Later on in the series, Toji reveals to Momo why he broke up with her, and so Momo, our peach girl must chose between Toji and Kiley.

What is compelling about Peach Girl is the characterization of the main characters. They are your typical teenage high school students exhibiting typical high school ways and personality. Teenage readers would easily adapt to the 4 main characters of the manga. They would love the antagonized Momo, hate the scheming Sae, swoon over the pretty boy Kiley or fall in love with the sacrificing Toji. These are real life high school students facing real life high school issues.


On the technical side, Peach Girl as a manga is beautifully sketched. The black and white renditions balanced well with the more cheerful colored pictures. The black and white sketches were beautifully and artistically done. Character sketches are interesting and done with an appealing taste. Most of the colored pictures were heavy with orange and pink tones emitting that girlish feminine mood that is used to attract young female readers.


Overall, Peach girl is an interesting manga that would surely be appreciated by high school girls and even teenage boys who are into this kind of manga series. If readers are tired of those elaborately sketched, action packed manga with all the weird creatures and environment, Peach Girl offers a refreshing relief with its light theme with an occasional dash of comic relief brought about by witty and funny lines from the characters. Peach Girl is a good light reading with a not so complicated plot and loveable characters.
Keywords: Momo Adachi teen-age
Illustrations and Layout Very Good
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Very Good
Plot Very Good
Genre Shōjo, Romance
Volumes 18


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  1. 15/12/2006 8:15am
    1. pam

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      September 2006
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 9
      Pros: Funny situations, cute boys.
      Cons: A little boring thing - everything runs around love.
      But it's really cool, after four volumes I started to really worry about Momo-chan's troubles

      nothing to loose
  1. 25/2/2008 2:05am
    1. peachie gurl

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      February 2008
      Would you recommend the product? Yes     Price you paid? None indicated     Rating: 8
      Pros: funny, love triangle
      Cons: gets boring at times but comes back strong
      keeps u wondering what will happen next,


      As lovely as pink, and as evil as black

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