George A. Romero Land of the Dead (2005)

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Land of the Dead is a movie written and directed by George A. Romano and distributed by Universal Pictures.


In this particular Land of the Dead movie, a horde of hungry zombies invade Fiddlers Green, a nice little place with all the comforts of home. The zombies learn how to use things as weapons and then creating havoc.

On top of that, Cholo has stolen Dead Reckoning, the vehicle stronghold used for when soldiers go out for supplies. Cholo plans on aiming and shooting missiles at the Green if Kaufman doesn't give him the money he had earned whilst doing him favors.

Riley, Slack and Charlie are assigned to recapture Dead Reckoning. Eventually they are able to get it back, but the city is now overrun with zombies. Hurrying back in vain, they manage to save some and kill a bunch of zombies.


Land of the Dead has spectacular audio. Every broken bone can be heard and every moan is clear.

While all the effect the people make are good, the music score suffers just a little bit. The main idea was to get all the toe-curling sounds the zombies make or create very clear and emphasized.


Wow! is all you can say about the visuals of this movie. It's very dark and grungy. Land of the Dead sends out this odd feeling of coldness.

The makeup, also wow! Even though no-one knows what a real zombie may look like, you could bet they looked a little bit like this.

The greatness of this movie are the visuals. It's all very well put together. All of the zombies look decayed and rotten but not too much so, they're all uniquely deformed. The live people also have a look that fits their roll. Dressed as soldiers and mercenaries.


This is a really good movie. It gives us a new aspect of the zombie genre. A city of living people in a world of zombies. There's just so much about the movie that make it great and very re-watchable.

The sound of bones being ripped apart, the sound of flesh being torn, the screaming and moaning, it'll leave you staring.

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Keywords: Zombie, Survival, dead, havoc, gore, guts
Sound & Graphics Excellent
Entertainment Value Excellent
Replay Value Excellent
Plot Very Good
Genre Thriller, Survival, Drama
Starring Simon Baker, John Leguizamo, Asia Argento, Robert Joy


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    1. nightboyz

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      Pros: One of a kind.
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      [COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]What I like about this one is that they made it an after math movie.
      We all know how they come but how do the servivers live a life not just on the run.
      One great film.[/COLOR]


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  1. 18/10/2008 8:14pm
    1. Muffin

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      Pros: It's a zombie movie!
      Cons: No Bangstick
      Like i said, It's a zombie movie. Perfect for all you necrophiles out there and you can watch it without having seen the other films.

      Has great re-watch value

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