Hideo Nakata L: Change the World

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L, the awkward super-genius with a sweet tooth from the Death Note series gets his own film, without the burden of canon to bog him down!


In uber-b#tch style, a hot Scientist hatches a brutally nihilistic plan to eliminate the pollution of an overpopulated human race from the planet forever. To do this, she has worked to isolate and replicate two strains of a terriible virus. With the help of K and a small band of terrorists, they plot unleash the virus and then sell information about the strain and its cure to the United States. Little do they know, the scientist has absolutely no intention of creating a cure, much less distributing it.

Meanwhile, after the death of Kira, L decides to end his own life on his own terms. He writes his own name in the Death Note before destroying it forever.

With 23 days to live, L becomes the unwilling ward of two children who hold the key to unlocking the secret of the virus and its cure.


The whole plot is straight-to-video cheese, the violence is incredibly fake and the canon Death Note mythos is ignored or rewritten entirely (the author of this adaptation admits to never having read the original manga and it shows). Misa, Ryuk and the Death Note all appear for about one minute of combined screen time. And that's about all of this that has anything to do with "Death Note"...

Otherwise it's the most generic sort of adventure built around a character without a great deal of depth played by an actor without a great deal of ability.

This is the cinematic version of fanfiction. It's obviously written to exploit the "aww" factor of L having to live with 2 kids for a few weeks and milking a false sense of drama in the countdown of his last days. It has its cute moments, like a chase in a crepe-truck, but for the most part its Warner Bros trying to wring more money out of a franchise thats already run out of material to work with.

Unless youre a huge L fan... it isnt worth the price of a ticket. Wait for the video if you're a Death Note fan. If you have no interest in the series, there's no reason to waste your time with this.
Keywords: Death Note, live-action anime, L Lawlet
Sound & Graphics Poor
Entertainment Value Average
Replay Value Horrible
Plot Horrible
Genre drama, thriller
Starring Kenichi Matsuyama
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