Shosuke Murakami Densha Otoko (Train Man)

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Densha Otoko ( Train Man) is a 22 year old “otaku” (anime fanatic) who spends his time looking at anime related things in Akihabara (Tokyo shopping district known for electronics and anime items.) and has never had a girlfriend. After doing his usual shopping for anime figurines in Akihabara, Densha Otoko happens to board the subway train where he encounters his first chance of love. Unfortunately, the meeting is anything but romantic.

On the train, there happened to be a drunk guy bothering the passengers. As the drunkard threatens the girl that's reading her book, Densha Otoko steps in to stop the drunkard. He is able to hold him long enough for the authorities to arrest the drunkard.

After Densha Otoko helped fill out a witness report for the authorities, the girl who was threatened by the drunkard asks for his number and other contact information. Later, Densha Otoko receives a package filled with Hermes cups, which leads to the girl now being referred as “Hermess.” Now, with the help o f seven random online buddies, he faces his greatest challenge—falling in love.

Interesting Facts

Densha Otoko movie is based on a true love story and has gotten so popular throughout Japan. It has not only been made into a movie, but also a manga and television series. Just the movie release alone, in June 2005, had grossed around $35 million in Japan.


Takayuki Yamada – Train Man
Miki Nakatami – Hermess
Eita – Hirofumi (twixter)
Tae Kimura – Michiko (housewife)
Ryoko Kuninaka – Rika (nurse)
Kuranosuke Sasaki – Hisashi (business man)
Yoshinori Okada – Yoshiga (geek 1)
Hiyori Miyake – Tamura (geek 2)
Makoto Sakamoto – Muto (geek 3)
Naomi Nashida – Hermess's friend
Momoko Shimizu – school girl
Ren Osugi – drunkard


First of all, I am astounded at the fact that this is based on a true story. I know it's hard to believe, right? Anyway, the story of this anonymous otaku is definitely an inspiration to all fellow otakus. I thought it was a very touching movie about seemingly unrealistic romance story.

Throughout the whole movie, I noticed that it's not really so dramatic. The movie did have a lot comedy. Although it was suppose to be about a romance story, it didn't seem like there were that many romantic moments.

Regarding to the acting, it was alright. I wasn't too blown away from the acting. Takayuki Yamada played his role of Train Man really well though. It was very convincing. He's like my hero because of being an otaku myself. Yoshinori Okada, Hiyori Miyake, and Makoto Sakamoto were very funny acting their roles in the special battle scenes.

At first, I didn't really know to think after finishing the movie. Although I wouldn't say it was the best movie I've seen, it's probably one of most memorable for me.


Along the way, the movie was exciting and made me laugh a few times.

I loved the message it sends to others. People have the power to make things happen only if they choose to act on it. Sometimes, we don't always have the courage to some things. When we need help, we can turn to others such as friends or family for support. You won't know if something is possible or not until you try. Thank you Train Man.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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Sound & Graphics Very Good
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Plot Excellent
Genre comedy, romance
Starring Takayuki Yamada & Miki Nakatami


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      Pros: Good Story. Interesting use of online format.
      This film is incredible for several reason. Densha Otoko isn't some imaginery action hero but an everyman who has the same exact problems that many guys will be able to relate to. As this otaku rises to every basic social challenge he encourages those on the other side of the line to do the same. The climax of the movie for me is the seen that takes place in the train station. For it is in this seen that Densha Otoko faces his many fans. From military otaku who have never been on a date to the hikikomori. He goes out and does what they all should have done, makes his love confession and begs others to do the same. You can get by with a little help from your online friends.

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