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      Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. LocoRoco
      posted by game4me

      Locoroco is another original Japanese game created by Sony Computer Entertainment for its PSP series. While the game is quite simple, the storyline is what will certainly c ...
      110348.009/12/2006 7:54am1 reviews
      Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
      posted by game4me

      Take a colorful game. Spruce it up with a lot of action. Glaze it with a little blood and a lot of motion. After that, you may wonder what you’d get. Well, it’s actually quite ...
      9591None9/12/2006 7:45amNo reviews
      Tomochika Miyano Yubisaki Milk Tea
      posted by redeyed_impure_soul

      Yoshiori Ikeda one day substitutes for his sister in a photo shoot as a bride. He then gets into cross dressing and begins to like it even more. He has a childhood friend name ...
      3960None8/12/2006 3:20pm1 reviews
      Hiroyuki Okiura Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade
      posted by animereviews

      Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade is an animation film released in 1999. The creative team behind the film is spearheaded by Hiroyuki Okiura, whose illustrious resume include anime cla ...
      70618.007/12/2006 7:57am2 reviews
      Masakazu Katsura Shadow Lady The Awakening
      posted by mangareviews

      Hard Core Fighter Manga has always been known to uphold its fair share of girl power. From sweet wand wielders to transforming magic princesses… there are just so many hero ...
      1207None7/12/2006 7:47amNo reviews
      Konami Digital Entertainment Pro Evolution Soccer 6
      posted by game4me

      "The beautiful game" never fails to capture the imagination of the world. Whenever the World Cup is on, conflicts are temporarily ceased – the world is at peace as it beholds ...
      1332None7/12/2006 7:36amNo reviews
      Nintendo Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends
      posted by game4me

      Cute puppies never really fail to turn on the charm. I guess that’s the very basis of the appeal of this online game. Thing is, you wouldn’t have to deal with all the dirty la ...
      1234None7/12/2006 7:27amNo reviews
      Tatsuo Sato Stellvia
      posted by LenMiyata

      189 years after the near destruction of human civilization by a nearby Super Nova explosion, mankind once again faces extinction by the approaching Super Nova shock wave. All ...
      66548.004/12/2006 11:03pm2 reviews
      Daisuke Nishio Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Saga Vol. 2: Piccolo's Plan
      posted by animereviews

      Anime fans will be delighted to see the new sequel to the manga anime series Dragon Ball Z: Piccolos Plan. This new series will be doubly exciting for anime fans all over the ...
      1925None2/12/2006 8:37amNo reviews
      Goro Taniguchi Gun X Sword
      posted by animereviews

      Gun X Sword is an exciting 26 episodes anime series with cool action sequences, interesting story line, exciting environment and a barrage of heroes and villains. It has its o ...
      1666None2/12/2006 8:17amNo reviews
      Sukehiro Tomita Baby Birth
      posted by mangareviews

      Baby Birth is one of the more popular manga or comics for the new generation. This particular manga, which consists of 2 volumes, is the baby of writer Sukehiro Tomita and ...
      7752None2/12/2006 6:45amNo reviews
      Miwa Ueda Peach Girl
      posted by mangareviews

      At first, Peach Girl may seem your ordinary teenage inspired manga where girl meets boy, girl likes boy but boy is shy to court girl. But as you continue reading the manga ser ...
      81308.502/12/2006 6:36am2 reviews
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