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    Re: Request (Need to find decent manga)

    INUYASA!!!!!! its not actually all caps, it is called Inuyasha. It is awesome. You will like it if you like anime/manga about demons and monsters and evil spirits. It has a little romance but just...
  2. Re: Is Bleach more / less interesting now? Your Opinion!

    Yeah totally, i completely agree. it does get boring when the fight last too long , but its also boring when there are no fights.
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    Re: Will Bleach ever have an end?

    I havent read the manga, I wish I could. but it seem like the anime is never gonna stop... I hope it doesn't, although it is getting a tiny bit boring, they need more exciting stuff
  4. Re: Is Bleach more / less interesting now? Your Opinion!

    I think the series got more interesting , because it made you think more about the storyline, finding more possibilities for what happens next as it went along.. but it got less epic because there...
  5. Re: Scenes/Storylines You Want to See in Bleach

    I want ichigo to get his powers back (We all know thats gonna happen anyway because otherwise the entire show would end). I need something exciting to happen soon because if nothing does then im...
  6. Re: Manga You Didn't Expect to like, but actually wound up liking

    I didnt like inu yasha at first because its such an old manga, but i wound up loving it, i still need book #4,5,6,&7
  7. Re: can you guys list me some gender bender Male No yoai manga

    Ranma1/2 its a totally awesome story about a kid who falls into a cursed pond and turns into a girl whenever he gets wet... its really funny because he is supposed to have a fiance too,... but...
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    Sticky: Re: Top 3 Favorite Manga "Explain"

    1- Fullmetal Alchemist: its an awesome story of 2 brothers who just want to get their bodies back using alchemy but end up being separated by diff erent universes:(:, the ending is sooooo sad, and...
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