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  1. Re: Do u enjoy reading Manga?

    I like that manga has little or no filler, but you cant beat the special effects of an anime like come on bleach when ichigo first used bankai thats just sick. I think i still prefer anime over the...
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    Re: Heyaaaa!

    welcome to animeonline :) hope you enjoy your stay and sure ill talk to you and we have lots of people on the forums psh!!! lol
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    New manga Bakuman

    Its a new manga from the creator of Death note, I read the first volume its very interesting its about 2 boys trying to become manga-ka. I dont wanna spoil anything but yeah its very good go get...
  4. Re: I am in desperate need of a good manga.

    Air is a really good love story,about two kids and a curse that they have in a past life that wouldnt let them fall in love,but they find a way to break the curse and its just a very cute manga cute...
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    Re: Anime or Manga?

    I think anime is better.The sound effects and music is just more bad@ss then reading boring manga.The only reason i read the naruto and bleach manga is cause its further ahead from the anime.
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