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  1. Re: Naruto 622 Discussion and Naruto 623 Prediction

    Naruto 623 Prediction (Somehow Related)

    (Scene shows Madara Standing near Hashirama)

    Hashirama: looks like u improved on your stone throwing and it already reached the other side huh,, madara.....
  2. Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

    MADARA : ?!!
    (The water into the crate rises in the air and acts as a shield to the swords slashes hence reducing the damage)
    (Kyuubi tries to maintain the balance)
    (The water descends into the...
  3. Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction


    (Kyuubi makes another TBB)
    HASHIRAMA : It is useless against this.
    MADARA : ......
    (Pierces both the swords in the TBB)
    (Breaks the swords near the hilt and releases the...
  4. Re: Naruto 621 Discussion and Naruto 622 Prediction

    Naruto 622 : The BATTLE FORGED INTO A BOND

    KID MADARA : Who the hell are you? (looking at the kid)
    KID HASHI : Hmm...right now, you could say that I'm your rival in rock skipping... But I've...
  5. Naruto 621 Prediction: "Madara vs Hashirama"

    Naruto 621 Prediction: "Madara vs Hashirama"

    Hashirama reflects the bijuu bomb back at Madara's susanoo. Madara is seen being pushed back but undamaged.

    Hashirama: It seems your susanoo took...
  6. Re: Naruto 618 Discussion and Naruto 619 Prediction

    Naruto 619 Prediction:

    Sasuke: are they ready for my own usage

    Oro: I just have to give them the freedom to talk and they will be Sasuke-kun

    Oro gives them the power to talk

  7. Re: Naruto 617 Discussion and Naruto 618 Prediction


    (The moon light falls on the ruined buildings from the Pain's attack.)
    OROCHIMARU : Yes this is the place, Sasuke. After all...
    (Suigetsu stares at the ruined place...
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    Sticky: Poll: Things you don't like about Naruto Manga????

    It's pretty simple what aspects you don't like about Naruto Manga? It could be anything from the characters to the events.

    Rules are simple: No Spamming, Bashing and Trolling These types of post...
  9. Do your Friends/Family know about your hobby?

    I told my best friend about it and he called me a pervert.
    I told my mom about it and she called me immature. (YOU CALL HIGURASHI IMMATURE?)
    I told my counselor about it and he told me he likes...
  10. Re: Naruto 616 Discussion and Naruto 617 Prediction

    Naruto chapter 617: PREDICTION :

    Naruto 617 - Read Naruto Chapter 617 Online - Page 1

    *Obito looks on visibly angry, his once cool demeanor has vanished*

    MADARA:'re taking too...
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    Fairy Tail Chapter 314 Spoilers


    Fairy Tail 314 - Read Fairy Tail Chapter 314 Online - Page 1
    Prepare your popcorns folks, the shitstorms are gonna flooded the fandom this week.

    Manga Panda: Fairy Tail Chapter...
  12. Re: Naruto 615 Discussion and Naruto 616 Prediction

    SHIKAMARU : Naruto?!!
    KURAMA : Hey kid, Its me, Kyuubi. Tell everyone not to move from their place.
    SHIKAMARU : But?!!
    KURAMA : Do it!!
    INO : ?!!
    SHIKAMARU : ?!!
    KAKASHI : What he said?...
  13. Re: Naruto 615 Discussion and Naruto 616 Prediction

    Naruto MANGA 616 : REUNION!!!

    NARUTO : Lets get this show on the road, Hinata!!
    HINATA : !! [It makes me!!] Okay...!!
    (Naruto holds Hinata's hands tightly)
    SAKURA :...
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    Sticky: Re: The Top 20 Sightworthy Manga

    1. Naruto

    2. Bleach

    3. One Piece

    4. Minamoto-kun Monogatari

    5. Beelzebub
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    The Ending Of Naruto My Version

    This Will In The Next 40 To 50 Chapters

    Naruto Manga - Read Naruto Online at

    0) Guy Will Use The 8th Gate And Die

    1) Madara And Obito Will Lose Control Of The Juubi
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    Horror Manga Recommendations


    urozu-cho, a small fogbound town on the coast of Japan, is cursed. According to Shuichi Saito, the withdrawn boyfriend of teenager Kirie Goshima, their town is haunted not by a person or...
  17. Re: Naruto 614 Discussion and Naruto 615 Prediction

    Naruto 615 Prediction - UNEXPECTED

    Obito : I thought you wouldn't let me kill a single one of your comrades? Naruto.
    Naruto : ?!!
    (The Genius, Hyuuga Neji!! in his grand final moment....)...
  18. Re: One Piece 692 Discussion / One Piece 693 Prediction

    Damn. I loved one piece 692. I sure want Baby 5 to join Sanji ... that smells like a chance for you !! Her comedy is already introduced, she is unique, she seems strong, is female and a maid.
  19. Re: Naruto 613 Discussion and Naruto 614 Prediction

    Naruto 614 Prediction Impossible plan

    The mind of the alliance is no more.

    First page shows smoke clearing away from a Susano
    It's Sasuke and he's protecting Juugo, Suigetsu and Orochimaru...
  20. Re: Fairy Tail 310 Discussion/Fairy Tail 311 Predictions

    The part that gave me goosebumps you ask? Yes, it's Mirajane sucking the poison and after that, a devilish look! Awesome! *-*
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