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    Re: Ghosts of AO's past

    You can find alot of people from 2002/2003 on Facebook...or at least thedarkness, murder_of_crows, and sanzo, and I think Caz, white_shadow and Joey too but I deleted them sorry. And I lost...
  2. Re: Members-only gallery and more thank yous needed

    That's an idea, having a "thanks!" button for scans. That way if someone wants to show their appreciation without having to comment on the picture, they can just press that button. I agree that you...
  3. Members-only gallery and more thank yous needed

    It might not be my place to say this, but...isn't it a bit dumb to open the scans section up to non-members? Sure, you mightentice a few to actually join and contribute to the community, but 95% of...
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    Re: Do you remember?

    ^ Animeonlinex?

    Journals were the reason I frequented AO in the past XD.
    I remember people thinking tsurara was a guy though.

    You wont remember me though I was quiet XD.
    Welcome back =)
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