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  1. Hi My name is Maegan,Im new on AO looking to make friends!

    :smile:Hi there,I know Im a newbie to AO,and your probably thinking why do I want to be her friend ?and what does she have to offer to me? Well people I can tell you that im not a girly girl and I...
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    Hi! Im Maegan(Helliondethuris)

    :hattip:Nice to meet you all and thanks for checking out my thread...Well :smile:Things about me ...umm well check out my profile or the last thread I posted...thank ya!
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    Hi there Im Maegan

    Well I've Been 18 since October of last year and it kicks-a**!:D:
    I have 2 cats thier names are SKITTLES AND ERIC...they drive me crazy
    I just recently got a LAPTOP for my belated birthday...
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