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    Masked Man?s Identity

    Naruto CSI, from eyes telling character: The Appraisal Results of Masked Man?s Identity.

    Appraise the masked-man?s right face.
    Interesting phenomenon: the double-edged eyelid & the single-edged...
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    Something from ONE PIECE and NARUTO

    Someone asked me, why you spend so much time on reading a manga? Like ONE PIECE manga or NARUTO manga. Maybe many people think that is a childish, boring thing and wasting of time. However, here I...
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    A Ninja Called Shikamaru

    "I thought I could be a ninja, make some money ...

    and then marry a woman, who is not so petty and not so ugly.

    We would have two children. The first is a girl and the next is a boy...
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    Elsea's Sister

    As the story goes more and more we learn about vintage and the goddesses. Am I the only one who thinks her sister may be introduced as a member of vintage. What do you think regarding elsees sister
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    Will the manga introduce angels?

    With how the manga is going: Oga defeats enemies, befriends enemies, new enemies show up, defeats them with friends, and so on...
    So with how things are going: school delinquents, new school's...
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    Ikki's new storm regalia

    has anyone noticed that Ikki's remade storm regalia could be an amalgation of all the major 8 roads?
    Parts from the 6 AT's
    1) Wing Road - Ikki + broken storm regalia that has wind regalia as basis...
  7. NEW WORLD: the things we are hoping (or just looking forward) to happen

    i really want to see mugiwara visit whitebeard and ace's grave and some kind of adventure with the remains of whitebeard crew(since luffy kinda owes them). also i am looking forward for when luffy...
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    If you were an Arrancar..

    Here's what I think just copy off deh List I made but put your own things into it. (BTW excuse my zanpaktou name i know its supposed to be japenese but I don't know any japenese) I look foward to...
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    If you are a shinigami

    Well there is already one to arrancars so it's fair that shinigami got one also.

    Name: Seomis
    Gender: Male
    Age: ???
    Hair: short brown
    Squad: execution division (dont now if exist in the best...
  10. Your favorite kages !! even in the past !!

    Well my favorite kage's among's them all is Mizukage !! i love the jutsu she produce !! the lava lady !! hehe love it !!
  11. The War of tail beasts!!! 8+9 > 2+3+4+5+6+7 ?!


    So Naruto 564 is finally out!!!
    Well, we still don't know who the "Tobi" is, damn......
    and I really can't catch the words "Tobi" said to Naruto: "Other" Madara...damn again......

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    Weakest Zanpaktou [Discussion]

    Bleach Manga is still ongoing!!! Bleach 474 has been released!!! Bleach 475 will be released next week!!!

    This is to discuss the WEAKEST Zanpaktou EDIT: WITH A KNOWN NAME!
    Both a Shikai and a...
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    Bleach 474 Spoliers!!! [Confirmed]

    Bleach Manga is still ongoing!!! Bleach 473 has been released!!! Bleach 474 will be released soon!!!

    Bleach 474 title: Believe

    The originator of this plan,
    the one...
  14. Keima as the best male protagonist in a harem (well quasi harem)

    my god this has to be the best harem i have manga i have read so far, i mean holy crap. and one of the main reasons is that Keima isn't your generic super nice guy in about a trillionth harems (yes...
  15. If u can create a character in Fairy Tail,What are his/her magic?Who would it be?

    i havent thinkin of anything yet so post anyone guys (but not hentai or porn or anything that nudism in it)
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    The Heck Toujou???

    What the heck is Toujou doing sleeping at akumano high ??? I didn't see that Toujou was already at akumano high sleeping ...
  17. Is it me or does sora's new form look like aizen's hogyoku form?

    its cool sor changed his look and all but when i look at it his face looks like aizen

    tell wht u guys think
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    Proof of Zoro's haki?

    Okay so, it's been in question if other straw hats have haki or not.

    In chapter 642 zoro said "I even gave you a chance to escape my barrier" Technically speaking a barrier could be created by BH....
  19. If WHITEBEARD is in good or in fighting condition, can he defeat the 3 admirals?

    well we saw him fought but he was dying.. he was sick..

    wat could have happen if he was in good or in fighting condition?
    could he defeated the 3 admirals?
  20. If you could ask kishimoto masashi one question...

    If I could ask kishi one question it probably would be,"when the hell will this filler end?!" Jk... It would be me asking what the shrine in the uchiha clan said exactly.
    So how about you?
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