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    Re: How do I write a manga story?

    You can start off with a script, placing your ideas onto paper or on the computer with a decent plot behind it. But don't make it too overly-descriptive, otherwise readers will become bored. If you...
  2. Re: Well, um, hello. (Prepare for a time-waster)

    Oh, I noticed the grumble of the head moderator.

    But mumbling is appropiate in the case of pointing out the obvious. (;
  3. Re: Well, um, hello. (Prepare for a time-waster)

    Thankyou. ^^
    I'll be sure to have a look when my browser has pulled itself together.
  4. Well, um, hello. (Prepare for a time-waster)

    Right, I'm being serious, don't waste your time reading this unless you're like me and hold no shred of life outside the computer and digital realms. *Mumble*

    Well. Hello.
    I'm not one for...
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