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    Re: Limonello's Dream

    Welcome to AO, um, I'm still new so I can't really give any good tips or pointers, sawwy!!!! It's good that you're happy! Happy people are happy (redundancy is redundant XD) Yeah, the world needs the...
  2. Thread: hi i'm armando

    by Ashes

    Re: hi i'm armando

    Hi! I'm ashes! Um... I'm not Italian... XD Wait, no, I think I'm like 5% Italian!!! Welcome to AO, I'm still new too, so I can't really give you any advice or anything. Um, so what kind of anime do...
  3. Thread: Hi I'm Jerome27

    by Ashes

    Re: Hi I'm Jerome27

    Hi!!!! We can be friends as well, because I'm on a quest to make as many friends as possible, gotta catch 'em all!!!! Oh... Well, friends are a bit different than Pokemon XD so what kind of anime do...
  4. Re: I Hijacked someones Intro Thread! Come welcome me!

    Welcome, I'm new too! :D Ill try to help out all I can with my limited knowledge XD Have lots of tons of boat loads of fun fun!!!! *throws around welcoming confettii*
  5. Re: Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    Thanks for the welcoming ^_^ Ill try to not bother you with stupid questions, but knowing me I'll probably have questions sooner or later XD

    *tilts head to the side* why do you feel retarded?...
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    Re: I'm new! FIRST POST YAY!

    Hi!!!! I'm a newb too so I can't really give any forum advice or anything.... Uuuuum, have fun? Yeah, that sounds like a normal greeting XD What kind of anime do you like?
  7. Re: Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    Yay! Cool, first like three minutes and I already make a friend!!! Yay! XD
  8. Thread: Cheers

    by Ashes

    Re: Cheers

    Hi! I totally haven't met you here yet XD um, welcome, from your fellow noob? XD is that a good enough greeting to someone who's already greeted me?
  9. Re: Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    Sorry for skipping over your post XD so... You're here to great me? Thats great (sorry, it was a funny word mess up, I do it more than enough times, so I shouldn't be making fun of it XD)
    I hope I...
  10. Re: Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    Yay, you seem really cool XD Im normally super shy, so I'm not really good at making friends in real life, although i've recently discovered that 11 year olds find me hysterical XD I have some really...
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    Re: What is your favorite Manga?

    The Bleach manga is amazing, I'm not really a huge fan of the anime though XP And the battling tends to get waaaaaaay too drawn out and repetitive, but the hot characters are what keeps me interested...
  12. Re: Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    Weeeeeell, I love reading manga and playing solitare (yes, I'm the most exciting action packed person you'll ever meet in any of your seven lives) Well, besides my lifeless interests I guess I like...
  13. Re: Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    Let's see... I'm into a whole boat load of anime, but I guess my top ten would consist of Code Geass, Death Note, Higurashi, Digi Charat, Ouran High School Host Club, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star,...
  14. Um, hello *cute, shy wave full of blushiness*

    My name's ashes... Um, as you can see by the username *points* Ive been looking for a new forum for awhile, and I stumbled upon this forum, as you can see, so I thought I'd try it out. Wow, I'm...
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