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  1. Re: what anime or manga was your childhood favorite

    My first manga was D-Gray Man and I "Started" it when I was like 16. Not really childhood favorite, I never read book so it's basically one of the only manga' I've read when I was younger.
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    Re: are you fan of yaoi or hentai?

    Hentai is not my thing, since it's pretty much the anime version of Porn. Not to mention they are probably filled with heterosexual relationships, which I am no where near interested in.

    Yuri I...
  3. I never know what to say until it's already posted

    Hi I'm Hotspot!
    I am currently in college for graphic design, I am a big fan of Anime and Video Games. I found here by accident while I was looking for stuff for the game Kya Dark Lineage.
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