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  1. What We Came Here For?!(About Naruto and One Piece)

    Someone asked me, why you spend so much time on reading a manga? Like ONE PIECE Manga or NARUTO Manga. Maybe many people think that is a childish, boring and wasting of time. However, here I want to...
  2. How much did you like the heroines of KNIM?

    In some stories, it is a mystery who the main character will end up with. Sometimes I think a lot of readers put themselves in the protagonist's shoes and want him to pick a certain heroine.

  3. Fan Fiction and False Myths--- Let's deal with it here and now

    I have heard a thousand myths about many characters that seem to lack any support from manga or databook. Usually these myths are attributed to some "famous interview" with Kishi.
    Here i will post...
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