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    Sticky: Re: What manga are you currently reading?

    Hm... Currently, I read Toriko and Beelzebub.

    They're so funny
  2. Re: I want to find some manga that the plot is good......

    why don't u try Toriko?
    It's funny
    Beelzebub is ok, too=))
  3. Re: I love mangas/manhwas like these: recommendations?

    hm...Maybe you try reading those manga
    Ao No Rhapsodia
    By Hero (so cute!)
    Kisu yori mo Hayaku
    Narabuna Kiken!!
    Nemurenu Kishi ni Hanataba wo
    Snow White 94

    All of them is oneshot :D
  4. Re: do you want a baby like Beelbo in Beelzebub?

    Hm... I think I love to have a child like Beelbo
    because his electricity will help me decrease my electricity fee=)))))))
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    Re: need recommen romance shoujo

    I think you should read the Koi Kyokusei
    It's very touch. ;_;
    Link read is here: Koi Kyokusei Manga - Read Koi Kyokusei Online at

    And this is some description about the story1:
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    Hi, I'm Libra

    Hi everybody. I'm Libra and come from Vietnam.
    I love both the shoujo and shounen manga.
    My favs manga is Beelzebub, Toriko, Magico, Yankee kun to Megane chan, ....etc...
    My English skill isn't...
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