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    Kakashi Vs Gai?

    clearly kakashi ahead but gai is pretty awesome? so what do you think?
  2. who so u think would win NARUTO VS SASUKE

    if those two battled who u think would win...i would say naruto since not only power that he has but determination which effects a lot :D
  3. does this forum have anything to do with

    srsly i pressed the forum button there and took me to this site :/
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    Re: What kind of ending do you guys imagine?

    i think saskue will die..naruto become a hokage...kakashi stays like dies....hinata and naruto end up together...temari and shikamaru...yeah maybe something like this....but naruto is...
  5. for animehere admins and mods...and animeherechatango need mods there

    i have been in animehere chatango and i have seen a lot of people being rude. well everyone there is.i saw that it affected animehere a lot.
    ppl stopped going there because of those can we...
  6. Thread: Hello

    by krazychoco

    Re: Hello new here too and dunno how to post anything lol.can u tell me how lol please :D
  7. Thread: My own

    by krazychoco

    Re: My own

    yup cool idea..but i have seen many animes that based on areu willing to make it serious or comdey? i think comdey said u gave them their own language sounds cool...lets us see...
  8. Re: What do you think about Kakashi in the end of Naruto ?

    ok i know its pretty late but when i saw those comments i couldnt stop my self :/
    why do u want kakshi dead...i think its better if he became hokage...then passing it to naruto as he decides to move...
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