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  1. finally i figured out the whole profile pic deally

    cause man i couldnt get the hang of it for nothing....
    so now i have a profile pic.. to go along with my dorker profile.
    so yeah hi ^_^ i wonder when the whole newb thing will wear off.

  2. Re: Hey New kid here from NEbraska, HI !!^_^

    i definately will do that for sure
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    Re: Hi, I'm the Dark Samurai

    how goes it, im liking this site so far as well meh i should get sleep im supposed to go to the arcade tomorrow and play some people in marvel vs capcom 2
  4. Hey New kid here from NEbraska, HI !!^_^

    Hi my names Cay, im 21 and i really desperate to meet people who share interest with me. im going nuts with all my friends hating anime and video games. haha so thats why i joined this forum so i...
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