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    Re: Hello All!

    Hey there another Chobits fan ^o^
    Welcome to the forum!! I'm new in here too. I hope you're enjoying as much as I do.
    This reply was kinda late D: Don't know if you were still able to read this....
  2. Re: the manga you read again and again and never boredom?

    Moe Kare, a shoujo manga that I can't take out in my head. Whenever I read the manga, it still got me. Like falling in and out of love.
    Akagami no Shirayukihime, a manga that I will never get tired...
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    Re: Hullooo!! XD

    Hohoho. Not really but thanks. You seem interesting too. I have seen your profile and it was shown that you had joined a few months ago yet you have lots of friends already. :')
    Thanks again, my...
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    Hullooo!! XD

    Wuzup fellow anime freaks/geeks? :)
    I joined so that I could talk to more people who have the same interests as mine though I feel like I'm late in joining this forum. I should've joined earlier....
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