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    needing help with new manga to read.

    Ok so to break this down. I am in search of manga's that have some action/adventure to it. If not that zombie/horror. Pretty much i have gotten rusty from lack off time and now that i am back, its...
  2. Re: What's the Best Way to Boost My English Skills?

    English skills can be tricky at first. The best thing to do other then what was already listed for options is to litterly find someone who speaks your language and english. By doing that , they can...
  3. Re: Do your Friends/Family know about your hobby?

    Well mine is the oppisite my family tho does not get it at all. I have how-ever made many friends and had soo much fun with loveing anime and all things to it and have let no one tell me what i cant...
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    Re: uhmm hi

    :P well my shy friend i hope to see you around remember the rules trust me its important lol i had my share of bad moves lol the mods are really nice tho and hey feel free to talk to me anytime^^.
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    Re: Fruit Basket

    its a awsome anime i read the manga and watched the dvd and i tell you its worth getting barns and nobles would have the mangas to buy as for online hhmmm cant say i know any that has fruits basket...
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