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  1. Re: Incentives for being active and quality posting

    Thank you for your willingness to present this matter to the staff for discussion.

    I am curious to know if animeonline has a built-in feature that sends an email to those members who were active...
  2. Incentives for being active and quality posting

    Are there any for the newly registered members? I know it's funny to hear this from someone who wasn't active to begin with, but I remember this place bustling with more activity than what I see now....
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    Disturbo se ...?

    Mi chiamo Elessa. è un piacere conoscerla. Come si chiama?
    Mi sono persa. potrebbe aiutarmi? C'è qualcuno qui che parla italiano?
    Grazie per l'ospitalit√*. Sto imparando l'inglese, quindi abbi...
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