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  1. Re: Hello, I am new to this site as well...

    Hello! Welcome to AO! All newbies should had a nice welcome!
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    Re: Your first Manga

    My first manga was a Neon Genesis Evangelion Mandarin-translated Manga! Guess what, i never speak Mandarin for the rest of my life! :help: I just looked at the scenes & i followed it. :laugh:
  3. Re: I'm New & give me a nice welcome!

    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome guys. :laugh: I'm sure i'm gonna have fun here.
  4. I'm New & give me a nice welcome!

    I'm new here at AO & give me a nice welcome! :D: AO rocks!
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    Re: I'm New Here

    Hi! I'm new here at AOF or Anime Online Forums. :smile: Please give me a nice welcome!!!! :laugh: I'll be glad to give me a nice welcome.
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