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    Re: god of death's return

    Hello, mate, welcomies!!!! I didn't log in here for ages too but now that I'm back, I'm really going round and round the forums. Have fun!!!!!
  2. Re: Welcome me. Embrace me. Or I'll key your car.

    Oh yeah, welcome!!!!! Smileys!!!!! Have a great time here!!!

    PS: I'm not in good terms with my memory right now so I forgot the decent things to say, heehee, sorry.
  3. Re: Welcome me. Embrace me. Or I'll key your car.

    haha, great for you, mate! Try watching Death Note, it's awesome!!!!!!!! And God(?) Save Our King!, this one's really funny. About a kid who got flushed down the toilet and ended up as something...
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    Re: if u could write ur own manga....

    Hmm, Tails Of The Wolf, eh? Nice bit of imagination and I hope that your brain can think of really cool obstacles those two kids go through.:D:

    Well, if I could write my own manga, hmmm, I'd...
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