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  1. Re: Who is The Strongest Female Character in Naruto?

    Mei Terumi – because she is sexiest. Lol, strongest in being sexy.
  2. Re: What is your favorite fight in the One Piece world??

    Your not alone on Ussop VS Perona; in fact, I totally agree with you. It's probably one of the most hilarious fights in the whole series, next to Sanji VS Mr. 2, and Franky VS Fukurou.
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    Re: Funny or cool one piece pic share!

    i love one piece pictures luffy and Zoro are so cool~
  4. Re: If you're a mage, what magic would you have???

    I would love to have Celestial Spirit magic or Water magic, to be honest. I've always liked summoner types in the past and if I had an element it'd definitely be water.

    But if I could make my own...
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    Re: Which captain do you think is the weakest?

    1-st Yamamoto
    2nd kyouraku/ukitake
    3rd unahana
    4th byakuya/Kenpachi
    5th Soi fon
    6th toushiro,komamura,mayuri
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    Re: One Piece three word story

    and he went^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :D:
  7. Re: How high do you believe powerlevels will inflate to by the end of Bleach?

    I really hope that the power-levels won't inflate again(which is bound to happen).
    I was one those who didn't like the god-like power-level Ichigo and Aizen reached.
    I mean Yammamoto is already OP,...
  8. Re: Naruto and Bleach, Which One is Better and Why?

    I'd say that Naruto wins over Bleach because Naruto is much more emotionally engaging. The Naruto episodes can evoke so much emotion in you that you'll cry with the characters, laugh with them, and...
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    Re: Your favorite Bleach quotes.

    "Admiration is the emotion farthest from comprehension" - Aizen.

    "Don’t use such strong words, it only makes you look weak " - Aizen.

    "When you're up high, all the stuff that looks confusing...
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